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Basic Checklist for getting into Streaming/Recording

WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
Hey all, I've done like some skype sharing, and the odd twitch stream, but been pestered lately to full out record my M:tg and such.

I know my current setup is not to that point, but budget allows some medium sized self purchasing at the moment, so I thought I'd at least look into it.

I know very little beyond I guess a second monitor is super helpful? What all hardware and software wise would you recommend for someone diving into all this for the first time.

Also I guess a semi simple editor program?

Feel free to explain as if you had to explain to your grandma how to use her email, I will fully admit to being kinda lost in all this.

Still want to try tho! The masses ( like 4 people) have spoken, so I want to try and do it.

Steam! Battlenet:Wisemantobes#1508
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