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THANKSGIVING IS OVER. Show me yer Christmas trees / holiday decorations! (NSFG)

SheriSheri Resident FlufferMy Living RoomRegistered User regular

@Javen says we can't put our Christmas tree up until after Thanksgiving, so we won't get to do it until Sunday. So in the meantime, SHOW ME YER TREES, FOLKS. I know some of you have already put yours up.

Also if you don't celebrate Christmas, show me any holiday/winter decorating that you may do! I don't care, I'm not the boss of this thread, talk about whatever you want.

Here is our tree from a few years ago (technically it was Mom's tree - as you can tell by the theming of the ornaments)

- fteph4bkaiqp.jpg

I'll update once we get our own tree (green, so excited!) up and decorated!

Let me see how you celebrate the season!



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