Stand Behind the Yellow Line, It's Time for the PAX South 2015 Prank

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In 2008 we had Bad Horsing:


In 2009 The Boo Flashmob:


In 2010 Salmon Security:


In 2011 EAST Ninja Delivery Service:


In 2011 PRIME The Lando Society:


In 2012 EAST Aperture Safety:


In 2012 PRIME The Alphathon:


In 2013 EAST: Elections for The Arcadian Ambassador


In 2013 PRIME Mustache News:


In 2014 EAST Team O.S.P.R.E.Y. (Organization for Secrecy, Protection, Recon, Espionage, and Yachting):


At the most recent PAX:
In 2015 SOUTH: ???

The PAX Prank community tradition is back and once again we need your help! We need able individuals to help organize and be involved in this year’s prank.

Before I continue please read the Prank Mission Statement:

The PAX Prank strives to be fun for everyone involved, be it the one(s) being pranked (henceforth known as “targets”) or the ones pranking (henceforth “pranksters”). The PAX Prank will never be something with malicious intent. It will strive to never embarrass targets (much). It will be mindful of people who want no part in it, will not push the issue, and will always respect the authority figures of Penny Arcade Inc., PAX, and Greater Seattle/Boston/San Antonio. The PAX prank will not cause any damage emotionally, physically, or financially to anyone, whether they are involved directly or indirectly.

As per tradition, this year's prank is being kept under wraps from the general public ;). But we do need interested volunteers! If you would like to join our organization please complete our application provided below. Please do not respond if you cannot fit within the confines of the mission statement above or the criteria below.


You must not be opposed to Twitter, GroupMe, and can potentially get SMS updates or potentially phone calls. We typically coordinate our various pranks via Twitter and GroupMe.

You must be over 18. Sorry folks.

You must be at least moderately outgoing. What we do will call a lot of attention to ourselves. We will probably be interacting with some of the celebrities that are at PAX as well. In other words, YOU WILL BE SEEN! If attention, social interaction, and having people probably laughing at you and/or wanting to praise you/shake your hand -- among other things -- upsets you, the prank may not be for you.*

*Note: If you would like to be involved in the creative aspects of the prank (content, design, etc) rather than the actual presentation please feel free to apply but specify that preference in your application.

You must be willing and able to keep up with prank communications on the prank forums including participating in threads on a regular basis.

You must be able to keep a secret. There may be mass emails, Skype/google hangout/tinychat calls, and other private conversations between now and then. We want to keep the reactions of our targets pure; surprise is the key here. Since we are getting more people in on the joke, the potential for leaks increases, so please don’t sign up if you know you are bad at keeping a secret.

You must be available either Thursday night or Friday morning before the show opens. This rule is a little more lenient. Most of us will be doing the Pre-PAX dinner, Pub Crawl, or the like, so specifics at this time are sketchy. This is for a last minute meeting to go over anything that might have come up, and give opportunities for a run through of the physical prank. It will be coordinated to fit everyone’s schedules as best we can, and we will do two meetings if needed, but if you can’t be there on either day for 15 to 30 minutes tops, don’t bother signing up.

So if you're ready to lay the foundations to victory, come join us for a rockin’ PAX 2015 South Prank!


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    I am Moe Fwacky and this is my favorite prank on the citadel.


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Sort of like Prime, we have a short window for applicants this year. This will probably change for future pax south pranks, but for this year, it's basically going to be just over a week. Currently the plan is to close applications on Friday, December 12th.

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