Hello, I need a little help.

RaynerRayner Brisbane, AustraliaRegistered User regular
So I'm new here, and I have need of help.

After PAX Aus, My pin collection exploded (not Boom, but expanded) [30 new ones], Before that it was really only the ones you could get from the store.

Anyway, I am currently working on a way to display my pins. I thought it would be easier to do this while my collection is small, so I can set it up now and just fill in the gaps as I get new pins.

I've seen displays with all of them on display, I've seen pins separated into years.

But I want to display them in sets, Like have all the Holiday sets together, the 2014 PAX Sets (as in the Sets you buy from the merch Booth.) and things like that.
But I was wondering the PAX pins that you get from the Booths for playing a demo and what not (Like the MTG pins, the LRR Pins, and the like) should they be displayed with pins from the same PAX, and Year, or ignore the year, and just put the pins that are related, Like put the MTG Pins, and the Blizzard games, and pins like that together.



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