Panels and other cool stuff - [UPDATED!]

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Looks like presenters are starting to hear about their panels/talks/events for South. Let's share what we know about the cool things coming up.

I found:
Women in Geek Media

The Impact of Videogaming on Pop Culture


Live "top 10" video creation

Jeff Gertmann!

Scott Kurtz!

[EDIT] came across another--Gearbox!

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    AggressAggress Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    Thanks for putting this together!

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    DuckSeasonDuckSeason Registered User regular
    I am curious about Gerstmann's tweet for two reasons:
    1) He refers to them as HIS panels, not GB panels. Which is a bit disappointing, but I know there was some question if they were going to go at all.
    2) PanelS? Plural?

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    kube00kube00 SE WA StateRegistered User regular
    Gonna keep an eye on this thread

    1st PAX was Prime 2010. Made it to several more Primes/West. Been to East and South. Headed back to West in 2019 for my 12th PAX.

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    HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
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    Motiga will be there - http://www.gogigantic.com/news/pax-south-community-streams-and-more
    Here's hoping this is where all of the extra shirts they didn't give away from Prime end up going so I can finally snag one >.<

    Edit: found another panel, too.

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    Pins for trade!
    2015 PAX Prime Omeganaut (I will forever hate Katamari)
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