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Share Your [Videogame Replays]

We're at a point where most of the new videogame hardware lets us share replay videos with the push of a button...and I think that's totally rad.

I also like looking at other people's replays, but realize a lot of them may get lost in the flood of posts in each active thread...which is why I decided to make this thread.

Got a cool personal replay you'd like to share? Got a cool replay from someone else you'd like to share? This is the thread to do it in.

You can share your flawless victories over a particularly tough moment:

You can share AI characters doing dumb things:

You can share one of the many, many, many hilariously unscripted moments from GTAV:

(which can also occur in cutscenes)

You can share your AMVs because I know you all made one:

You can even share your livestreams (PT Spoilers):

Please post spoiler warnings when necessary.


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