[Snugglehug]! And the living is cutesy (nsf 56k, the soulless)

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(stolen blatantly from last OP)
Elaro wrote:

Yes, by the grace of the ancient parchment of @Larlar‌ , this is now a regular thread. That means that anybody, after the end of this one, can make another. Alright, gang, let's work our magic.

As always, share happy fun content. Happy songs, happy stories, cute animals; although if your animal pic is potentially creepy, put it in a spoiler with a warning.

As it is now not only acceptable but mandatory, I think there need to be some guidelines. The only real hard and fast rule is:
Veldrin wrote:
it might be a good idea to chuck something in the OP about being mindful of not posting stuff involving illegally captive animals (e.g. slow loris) or anything involving animal cruelty misinterpreted as cute.

Do your homework. Something might look cute, but with the example given, the slow loris in question is in fact fucking terrified.

Do include your own stuff. Have pets? Have a camera? Let us see your buddies!

Do keep snakes, bugs, and other weird stuff behind spoiler tags. It's sad, but some folks have issues with snakes, spiders, and so on. They can be pretty, but keep in mind that, e.g., arachnophobia is pretty common and put that pic of your pet Goliath bird-eating spider behind a spoiler tag with a warning.

Kids are good too! Snugglehug isn't just cute animals. It can be anything that makes you go "d'awwww".

Do post unsolicited dik dik pics.


And while the season has passed, no reason to get rid of a good thing!

Christmas cats











Yule dog


Unsnugglehuggy explanation for lack of more holiday dag pictures
There was a larger group of photos in the set I found but they were a little off-putting, because most of them had the dogs wrapped up in Christmas lights, usually with the cords around their necks. Maybe I'm overreacting, but that came off to me as being dangerous, not cute.

Picture of wintercats to distract from unsnugglehuggy explanation

And no, the picture(s) do not have to be related to the holiday season post-American Thanksgiving, although it sure would be festive if they were.

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