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All things related to my WIFI woes.

I have an old 802.11g router with DD-WRT on it. About once a week DHCP doesn't work, I need to reboot the router. When this happens the traffic LED between the router and the cable modem is blinking like crazy. Anything I can look at to debug the situation?

Anyone have recommendations for an 802.11n router?

What's the best open source router firmware these days? I haven't look in a few years, back then there really only was DD-WRT. Now there's OpenWRT and Tomato, and lots of people arguing about which one is the best.

My SSID is not broadcasting. But sometimes when I scan for local WIFI APs, i see another SSID with the same name as mine but with a 2 at the end. If I use a WIFI scanner software it does not show up. Any thoughts?

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