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Dream Games, or, OH MAN IT'D BE SO COOL



  • I ZimbraI Zimbra Worst song, played on ugliest guitar Registered User regular
    Actually, did anyone ever play that game The Saboteur? Cuz that actually had so many really brilliant ideas and stylistic choices but I think the biggest failing was that it just couldn't decide what kind of game it wanted to be. Like, it wanted to be an open-world GTA style thing but the open world and the driving sucked, and it wanted to be an Assassin's Creed style stealth-action game but the stealth was terrible and the action was decent but just seemed so... I don't know, sluggish? Like it was smooth but slow and plodding. And then they had those weird auto racing sequences and the characters were just so flat and boring.

    But it still had SO MUCH POTENTIAL, DAMN. Like, there was a good game in there but you really had to grit your teeth and sift through the garbage to find the gold.

    Oh my god, I love The Saboteur. The driving is shit, but I actually kind of like the stealth bits and the disguise system. It also did a good job of giving your actions in the open world some meaning in an almost stupidly simple way: The stuff you're supposed to blow up has nazis standing around it. If you blow it up, there are fewer nazis around to mess with you.

    Metzger Meister
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    Vegemyte wrote: »
    Gran Turismo 6, but fun.

    I played a ton of from 2 to 5 but never got around to 6; what went wrong?

    I dunno man, I've only played (and owned) 1 through 4 myself, but the fun seemed to disappear. I never really got very far in 4 before my interest waned completely. I played a demo of 5 in a store and had zero interest in buying it. I haven't even seen any footage of 6.

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