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[WH40k] The All Guardsmen Party

ShoggyShoggy AZRegistered User new member
Hi folks, I've wandered onto this forum to share a story about bravery, incompetence, and the excessive use of detpacks.

This is at heart a write-up of an Only War and Dark Heresy campaign, but only briefly touches on the mechanics in the first two chapters and it shouldn't be a problem if you do not like or play either game. Be aware that this thing gets rather long in the later chapters and there is a significant tone shift after the prologue. Sorry about that, the story has been continuing for a while now and I lack any sort of editor.

The Adventures of the All Guardsmen Party

As a quick fore-word, I'm splitting these into chapters embedded into this forum, but everything is available in one html file here:

Prologue: Natural Selection Based Character Creation
Part 2: Guardsmen and Pilgrims
Part 3: Dude Where's My Psyker
Part 4: What's in the Box?
Part 5: Nubby's Girlfriend
Part 6: Heretic Purging
Part 7: Discount Spaceship
Part 8: Good Soldiers, Bad Educators
That's the story so far folks. I'd love to hear any literary criticism you folks have and answer any questions about the games or the anything else for that matter. Finally, if there's interest, I'll throw future chapters up here as well otherwise I'll just let this little piece of self promotion die a peaceful death.


  • ShoggyShoggy AZRegistered User new member
    Figured I'd pop in and self bump once now that the holiday forums are done, then I guess I'll let this die if no one here is interested.

  • OtakuD00DOtakuD00D Can I hit the exploding rocks? San DiegoRegistered User regular
    edited December 2014
    Oh my god. This is from the same group that went after The Box. I remember the Rupert! (If said story is included in this, I'll have to read the whole thing. It's quite a lot to read up on.)

    I love this group's stories.

    EDIT: OH yay, it's part 4! I was skimming through them here and there.

    OtakuD00D on
  • ShoggyShoggy AZRegistered User new member
    Out of curiosity where did you run across the single chapter? I'm sort of trying to track down all the places these stories have filtered out to.

  • OtakuD00DOtakuD00D Can I hit the exploding rocks? San DiegoRegistered User regular
    It was posted on /tg/, quite possibly at the same time as that screencap.

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