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Can't get to the Pax East Board.

nsanensane That guy with the face.Registered User regular
Every time I try to go to the PAX East board, I get this message:

Insufficient Holiday Cheer

It looks like you need to visit Hydra Holiday Hangout and increase your level of Holiday Spirit!

It's really quite annoying.

PAX East 2018: Passes [X], Hotel [X], Airfare [], coin []


  • SkeithSkeith Registered User regular
    That's because for the next few days the Holiday Hangout is the only board we're allowed to access. You just have to wait for things to get changed back.

    mts wrote: »
    heres how i see it being a total win situation for you
    1. stay with your wife while she dog sits. this wins husband points since she knows its out of your comfort zone
    2. have sex all over her friends house so that the next time you see her friend look at you condescendingly, you can wink back knowing you did the freaky deaky where she eats her cheerios.
  • nsanensane That guy with the face. Registered User regular
    edited December 2014
    Wow. That's really annoying. Thanks for the reply.

    nsane on
    PAX East 2018: Passes [X], Hotel [X], Airfare [], coin []
  • StericaSterica Wow! That was shit.Registered User, Moderator mod
    Festive. The word you are looking for is "festive"

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