kyan22kyan22 Tucson,azRegistered User regular
Just a FYI the schedule is up!! So excited rooster teeth is comming Friday and the con looks so good


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    zealezeale Saint LouisRegistered User regular
    I'm pretty excited about the panel lineup! I am disappointed that we won't have Acquisitions Inc., but there is a lot of other great content to look forward to. I'm especially stoked about the Firaxis panel... Sid Meier has been a lifelong gaming deity to me and I'd love to shake his hand. Can't wait to see the expo map and booth lineup as well!


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    xaldin87xaldin87 Gaymer SaTxRegistered User regular
    I know this might not really happen but Im hoping Jessica Nigri will be there. I met her a while back and I am a huge fan. She was such a sweet heart and we just gushed about Suda 51 games for like an hour

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    Kaoken00Kaoken00 TexasRegistered User regular
    Considering how Mike and Jerry feel about the booth babes, I would not think for her or any other big boobed cosplayer to be there peddling there photo prints.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited January 2015
    People who are not exhibiting or paid by an exhibitor are held to the same standards as every other attendee. All attendees are free to cosplay, regardless of whether or not they are known outside the convention.

    Anyone who is exhibiting/vending or paid by an exhibitor or vendor to rep at the show is held to the more strict "booth babe" policy. In addition, noone is permitted to sell their wares of any kind at pax without being a registered exhibitor or vendor.

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