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Tax Prep (getting ready for the long form)

NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in ActionNorth CarolinaRegistered User regular
Ok so last year, literally the last week of 2013, I was laid off in the state of California. I collected UI for the entire six months, never finding work.

Cut to July, I get an interview and eventually an offer from my now employee here in North Carolina, where I started in August.

I have my moving expenses already detailed and itemized, and everything is set to go from my current employer and from my student loans, but I'm curious/wondering about filing for CA.

I know I need to file state taxes for both states, but what kind of paperwork am I going to need and will the Employment Development Dept (CA unemployment office) send me any tax things I'll need when I file? What will be required for each state?

This has been kinda bugging me since October since I never really did a move like this with over a set of orders and a JAG department to help with the paperwork.

I'm just scared that I'll screw something up and get hit with fraud of some sort because I collected more than I should from one state or the other.



  • schussschuss Registered User regular
    You just file a partial year CA return. It's pretty straightforward. Search "partial year return" and it should give you the info you need.

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