What to do if you are not into video games?

fat_pauliefat_paulie Registered User new member
So I am attending to help some friends out at their booth and I was curious what there is to do if you are not into video games. I am at heart a tabletop and miniature gamer, dabbling in the occasional card game. Are there any miniature or card game meetups? I would be down for games like Infinity(not the disney"buy our toys" thing) or things like that. I would also be down for some MtG though I am partial to Commander. Please help a guy out and let me know what an old school gamer is to do at PAX...


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Play games that aren't video games. There's a giant section of the con that's dedicated for tabletop games (card games, board games, minis, etc).

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    KoopaTroopahKoopaTroopah Registered User regular
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    You could always hit up the local San Antonio tourist items like the Alamo, Ripley Museum, River Walk, etc. There are tons to do where we will be in down town if you are looking for stuff to do other than PAX. Source - TX Native

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    TraithTraith Indianapolis, INRegistered User regular
    As zerzhul said, a big chunk of PAX is non-video game related. MtG alone could keep you busy http://magic.wizards.com/en/content/fact-sheet-pax-south-2015

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    MalgarasMalgaras Registered User regular
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    You'll have plenty to do. There's generally "a few" people there to play tabletop as well.

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    RaseleaneRaseleane TexasRegistered User new member
    http://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/195719/magic-the-gathering-fun-edition#latest A lot of the people in this thread are MtG commander deck users too. So you could try to meet up with any of them to play.

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    japesterjapester Registered User regular
    Everyone here is speaking the truth, Paulie. I usually attended PAX for work, and while I enjoy video games, I tend to gravitate towards other aspects of the con when I'm attending for fun. Some of the panels can be real interesting, and as the others said, there will be plenty of tabletop gaming going on. Since PAX South is a new event, the expo hall is relatively tiny. And my gut says most of the booths are going to be vendors and not developers/publishers. So tabletop may be the big event this time around. ;-) Some of us are locals and are happy to bring specific games to play in the evenings, too.

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