Name of Space Game on Expo Floor

605scorpion605scorpion Registered User new member
There was a top down game on the expo floor. Somewhere in the rows of indie booths off tho the side. It looked like spaceship game. Everytime I saw it there were missiles curling around the spaceships and shields going up... Anyone know what it was called?


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    BinaryTBBinaryTB Registered User regular
    Rebel Galaxy?

    Elite: Dangerous and Valkyrie were there, but much bigger booths and first-person views of space.

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    Kaoken00Kaoken00 TexasRegistered User regular
    I think your talking about Beyond Sol. Top down space sim with a sand box feel to it. Its not on steam but it looks like there is a Pre-Alpha that you can download for free. Just search Beyond Sol

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    605scorpion605scorpion Registered User new member
    Yeah! Beyond Sol! Thant's it.

    Thanks for the responses guys. :)

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