PAX South "thank you" s and shout-outs!

MalgarasMalgaras Registered User regular
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Anybody you met/saw this PAX that was even more amazing than usual? Want to thank somebody for doing something awesome, or share a cool experience? Feel free to add your own!

As for me:

When you are running solo, it's always nice randomly running in to cool people, so I want to give a shout-out to the folks who I chatted / played Bang Dice and Boss Monster with in line for the Friday concerts. People like you are what make PAX so enjoyable.

Also, thank you to the attendee who was up at Falcon theatre offering back massages to Enforcers. Seriously, you have no idea how huge of a difference that made at the end of my shift.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to all you folks from the cookie brigade for giving time and energy for a fantastic cause. And the (edit: holy autocorrect batman!) cookies were delicious. =)

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    kyan22kyan22 Tucson,azRegistered User regular
    I think the enforcers and attendees. I lost my 3ds case and was so worried.Sunday I went to lost and found they had it. This con is great that someone would not steal my case or take my games but turn it in

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    omega!omega! Registered User new member
    Thank you to everyone who didn't get tired of my lame jokes all day!

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    podunk the mightypodunk the mighty Game Designer TexasRegistered User regular
    In the line for the Guild Wars 2 panel we started playing my game Shootout! with some strangers in the line. After the game one guy says "since you shared something with me, let me share something with you" and gives us each one of the homemade metal bracelets he was wearing. It was just so cool and touching to have someone appreciate the game so much and reciprocate in such an unexpected way. Whoever you are, bracelet guy, thank you so much for the highlight of our convention!

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    JohsJohs Registered User new member
    Our enforcer was Christopher Lavina and he was AWESOME! I can't believe these guys don't get paid. (Well, I CAN believe it, but they should =P)

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    HearthsingerHearthsinger Actor/Writer NYCRegistered User regular
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    We shared a room with someone from the forums who was super cool and unfortunately he and his budy were not actually able to make it to most of PAX and never did spend the night but they did pay me for their room since we had all agreed to the room share and as a starving artist I cannot tell you how incredible it was that they stood by their monetary commitment despite not using the room. I didn't even have to bring it up. It was so cool of them to do that. That may not seem like much but it really enabled me to have a stress free PAX and I hope that whatever is going on at home, that it all works out for him.

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    TheFizz11TheFizz11 Registered User regular
    Shout out to the number of random solo strangers that hung out with my group. We are always happy to adopt new friends. and I wish all the best to all of them

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    MidanMidan Registered User regular
    I have to shout out to the first person who stopped me to take my photo of my cosplay (pokemon breeder). I was quite nervous when I first got there since it was my first time cosplaying. Specially because the first other cosplay I saw was amazing! (Grunt from mass effect it blew my mind!) Anyways it just was a big confidence boost and made my whole day better!

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    CyberFeyCyberFey Registered User regular
    Shout out to Dalorrah's daughters! They were so freakin nice at the Pub crawl! And him too!

    And also to the Pax South Werewolf Group! It was easily the most fun I had all weekend.

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