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How do I get my webseries reviewed?

HearthsingerHearthsinger Actor/WriterNYCRegistered User regular
As a performer and writer, I feel pretty confident, but when it comes to promoting my work online, I feel like I'm sometimes out of my depth. It used to be that webseries could start small and grow, but now the landscape has changed and there are heavy hitters swinging home runs right out of the gate.

Even though we've managed to get a distribution partner to post our videos on their site to a larger audience lending us a tiny bit more credibility, I still feel like I'm a still small voice amongst shows with a and b list celebrities airing on Netflix or launching catastrophically successful kickstarter projects.

It makes me feel like I might have to go a new direction. We've sent out our press release with all of our first season to about 100 sites for review, everything from the NY Times to Tubefilter to small blogs that do series reviews regularly. We've started personalizing tweets to writers and actors we like and are related to the content of the series in some way in hopes someone may give us a RT. Does anyone have any ideas as far as better utilizing social media or the way to get our work in front of someone who can promote it better? I just feel like I'm reaching the limits of my imagination and maybe there are some people in this community who might have better ideas for promotion. Thanks for your time guys!

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