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iPhone photos - "downloading" nothing for 4+ months.

DrezDrez Registered User regular
So, my iPhone shows that it's "downloading" whenever I go into my Photos app, which I routinely clean out. I currently have nothing in my Photos app and yet it's "downloading."

I have an iPhone 5S, iOS 8.something.

I lost my phone awhile ago, and it's been happening ever since I restored a slightly-older backup of the old phone that I happened to have saved on my PC a couple of weeks before I lost the phone.

I checked the settings for my Photos app and everything cloud related is disabled. In fact, the only two settings I have enabled are to group photos and to enable the grid.

This is really just driving me nuts. Anyone know? My Google Fu is weak as all the advice I've seen recommends turning off your cloud stuff. I did that. I turned it on and off. Nothing.


  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular

    Check your iTunes settings. I think there might be something being able to sync wireless if you're on the same network, so if your old photos are saved to iTunes and your phone is trying to sync, that might be it.

    It might also be trying to recover your older photos to populate the folders (I noticed that they now save your "deleted" photos for awhile), but since those photos don't exsist on your current phone, but exsist in the back-up's meta-data, that might be another issue.

    Also I could be way off base

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