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Walt Disney Feature Animation Reading List

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This is a list of Recommended Reading for talent training at Walt Disney Feature Animation. Thought it would be nice to share it with you all and you can start your own checklist :D

Walt Disney Feature Animation
Recommended Reading

BOOKS ON DRAWING (Human and Animal Figures)

1. Anatomy Lessons From the Great Masters, by Robert Beverly Hale (1977)

2. Art Anatomy of Animals, by Ernest Thompson Seton (1977)

3. The Art of Animal Drawing, by Ken Hultgren (1950) (Recently re-issued in soft cover)

4. The Book of A Hundred Hands, by George Bridgeman (1962)

5. Bridgeman's Life Drawing, by George Bridgeman (1962)

6. Constructive Anatomy, by George Bridgeman (1962)

7. The Drawings of Heinreich Kley, (1961)

8. Drawing The Female Figure, by Joseph Sheppard (1975)

9. Drawing The Human Head, by Burne Hogarth (1965)

10. Drawing The Male Figure, by Joseph Sheppard (1976)

11. Drawing Media & Techniques, by Joseph A. Gatto (1987)

12. Dynamic Anatomy, by Burne Hogarth (1958)

13. Dynamic Figure Drawing, by Burne Hogarth (1970)

14. Figure Drawing Comes To Life, by Albert Seckler

15. Figure Drawing For All It's Worth, by Andrew Loomis

16. Heads, Features and Faces, by George Bridgeman (1962)

17. The Human Machine, by George Bridgeman (1972)

18. More Drawings of Heinrich Kley (1962)

19. On The Art of Drawing, by Robert Fawcett

20. Vilppu Sketch Book, by Glen Vilppu (1994)

WALT DISNEY ANIMATION - Production/ Artists/ History

1. Aladdin: The Making of an Animated Film by John Culhane (1992)

2. The Art of Mickey Mouse, by Craig Yoe (1991)

3. The Art of Walt Disney, by Christopher Finch (1993)

4. Bambi: The Story & the Film, by Ollie Johnston & Frank Thomas (1990)

5. The Disney Touch, by Ron Grover (1991)

6. Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life, by Ollie Johnston & Frank Thomas (1981)

7. Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Characters, by John Grant (1992)

8. Fantasia, by John Culhane (1983)

9. The Disney Studio Story, by Richard Holliss & Brian Sibley (1988)

10. The Man Behind The Magic: The Story of Walt Disney, by Katherine & Richard Greene (1991)

11. Too Funny For Words, by Ollie Johnston & Frank Thomas

12. Treasures of Disney's Animation Art, by John Canenaker (1982)

13. Walt Disney's World of Fantasy, by Adrian Bailey (1982)

14. The Disney Films, by Leonard Maltin (1984)

15. The Ultimate Disney Trivia Book, by Kevin Neary & Dave Smith (1992)


1. Animation From Script to Screen, by Shamus Culhane (1988)

2. The Animation Workbook, by Tony White (1986)

3. Basic Animation Stand Techniques, by Brian G. O. Salt (1977)

4. Cartoon Animation: Introduction to A Career, by Milton Gray (1991)

5. The Complete Kodak Animation Book, by Charles Soloman & Ron Stark (1983)

6. How To Create Animation, by John Cawley & Jim Korkis (1990)

7. How To Draw Animation Storyboards, by Bob Singer (1992)

8. Make Your Own Animated Movies & Videotapes, by Yvonne Anderson (1991)

9. Scriptwriting For Animation, by Stan Hayward (1977)

10. Timing For Animation, by Harold Whitaker & John Halas (1981)

11. Walter T. Foster Art Books Series:
Cartoon Animation: Basic Skills, by Walter Foster
How To Draw Cartoon Animation, by Preston Blair
How To Animate Film Cartoons, by Preston Blair


1. Chuck Amuck: The Life and Times of An Animated Cartoonist, by Chuck Jones (1989)

2. Emile Cohl, Caricature & Film, by Donald Crafton (1990)

3. The Fleischer Story, by Leslie Cabarga (1988)

4. The Great Cartoon Directors, by Jeff Leuberg (1983)

5. Tex Avery, by Patrick Brion (1984)

6. Tex Avery: King of Cartoons, by John Adamson (1975)

7. Talking Animals and Other People, by Shamus Culhane (1986)

8. The Walter Lantz Story, by Joe Adamson (1985)

9. Winsor McGay: His Life and Art, by John Canemaker (1987)


1. American Animated Films: The Silent Era (1897-1929), by Dennis Gifford (1990)

2. Bugs Bunny: Fifty Years and Only One Grey Hare, Joe Adamson (1990)

3. Cartoon Confidential, by Jim Korkis & John Cawley (1991)

4. Doing Their Bit: Wartime American Animated Short Films, 1939-45, by Michael Shull & David Witt (1987)

5. Enchanted Drawings: The History of Animation, by Charles Solomon (1989)

6. Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons, by Jeff Leuberg (1991)

7. Encyclopedia of Cartoon Superstars from A to (Almost) Z, by Jim Cawley & Jim Korkis (1990)

8. Felix: The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat, by John Canemaker (1991)

9. Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cartoon Animals, by Jeff Rovin (1991)

10. Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies, by Jeff Beck & Will Friedwald (1988)

11. Of Mice and Magic, by Leonard Maltin (1987)

12. That's All, Folks!: The Art of Warner Brothers Animation, by Steve Schneider (1988)

PHOTOGRAPHIC REFERENCE (of Human and Animal Figures)

1. Atlas of Foreshortening: The Human Figure in Deep Perspective, by John Cody (1980)

2. Human and Animal Locomotion - Volumes I, II, & III, by Eadwead Muybridge (1979)

3. The Human Form In Action and Repose, by Phil Brodatz & Dori Watson (1968)

4. Illustrator's Figure Reference Manual (1987)

5. Illustrator's Reference Manual of Nudes (1989)


This is only a tiny sampling of the almost limitless number of titles dealing with every aspect of live cinema production and the history of motion pictures.

1. Cinematography, by Kris Malkiewicz (1973)

2. The Elements of Cinema, by Stefan Sharff

3. Eugene Lourie: My Work in Films, by Eugene Lourie (1985)

4. Film Design, by Terrence St. John Marner (1974)

5. The Film Sense, by Sergei Eisenstein (1970)

6. Flight of Fancy: The Great Fantasy Films, by Kennth Von Gunden (1989)

7. How Movies Work, by Bruce F. Kawin (1992)

8. Introduction To Film, by Robert S. Withers

9. The Moving Picture Book, by William Kuhns

10. Special Effects: Creating Movie Magic, by Christopher Finch (1984)

11. The Technique of Special Effects Cinematography, by Raymond Fielding

12. Understanding Movies, by Louis Giannetti (1987)

13. Wide Screen Movies, by Robert E. Carr and R. M. Hayes (1988)

14. Hollywood Art: Art Direction In The Days of the Great Studios, by Beverly Heisner (1990)

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