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[Assignment] [Illustration] Make an album cover

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Illustration Portfolio Assignment

For illustration assignments, there's a few things to keep in mind. For our [Concept Art] activities, adhering to the style range is important, as a concept artist you will be part of a team and you will be working towards a coherent style goal. For illustrations you are selling yourself, likely as a freelance artist. Being flexible is still important, but its more important to show the kind of work that you are already capable of doing and having your clients select from that. These assignments are meant to help you think about and create work to show to potential clients as examples.

Remember, people who are less visually oriented than you cannot always just imagine your illustrations on their products, and making up fake products can be really fun and interesting.

Album Cover

For this assignment, I've made up three potential clients for you. You've already worked out the payment details and they've sent your initial fee. I want you to take three potential ideas to a presentable sketch phase, and then choose one to finish. You can post the sketches and ask your fellow ACers to choose, if you'd like the authentic feel of having your client choosing the sketch you want to work on least.

Note that I'm making fake bands and albums here, You can make up your own fake band if you'd like here. If you want to make a real ablum cover for a real band you like, I would personally be extra careful about labeling it as fan art. Once you go into using their logos, copy, or anything like that, you are kinda fucking with someones image, and I'm wary of putting that in a portfolio. You don't want to have explain to a client that you didn't actually work for Xcompany or band.

Album: Sunshine and Sprinkles
Band: Dr. Jams and the Happy Family Band
(folksy kids music)
Hello, artistic minion we have hired. This album is has a weather theme! We want are album to be fun and colorful, like Yo gabba gabba!

Album: Geometric Concentric
Band: Vegan Wolves
(upbeat trendster pop)
Hey dude, we like animals. Can you get some triangles or diamonds in there, maybe? That'd be rad.

Album: Cowboys and Bullshit
Band: A Guy Named Whatever
(Acoustic Guitar with a twang)
I kinda think the album title speaks for itself, I don't know man, do something you think looks good.

Band: SassAndBass
(obnoxious techno)
Something with a lot of polish and gloss, you know. Make it it look choice, like really pro.

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