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[Enrichment] Directory

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Art Foundation Enrichment Directory

Enrichment threads are activities to get at your basics. We will work on your foundation drawing skills and challenge you to think about your habits. While its easy to think of these threads as for beginners, every level of artist should be constantly revisiting their fundamentals. Enrichments are meant to encourage you to study, and to tackle problems in bite sized, digestible chunks.

[drawabox]Assignments is not affiliated with us, but the assignments are some of the best for people just getting started. We are listing them out here for easy access. If you'd like to support Uncomfortable and his endeavors, he has a patreon. Note that while lessons like "drawing plants" may sound more like a how to than a fundamentals exercise, each lesson is rooted in giving you the "foundation" skills required, making going through these assignments an excellent way to get started for beginners. I'll also note, that while he has anatomy lessons, I prefer the video instruction that Proko provides, and think Prokopenko's realism and extreme accuracy lends itself to teaching the subject matter with high precision.

If people want I can make associated threads with these lessons, because I hate using reddit.

Part One: Basics
1: Lines, Ellipeses and Boxes
2: Organic Forms, Contour Lines, Dissections and Form Intercections

Draw 250 Boxes
Draw 250 Cylinders
Texture (wip)

Part Two: Dynamis Skecthing and Constructive Drawing
3: Drawing Plants
4: Insects and Arachnids
5: Drawing Animals
6: Drawing Everyday Objects
7: Drawing Vehicles

Part Three: The Human Figure
8: Figures, Simplified
9: Figures, 2D to 3D
10: Gesture, Rythm, Mucsle and Fat
11: The Torso
12: Arms and Legs
13: The Head

Drawing/Painting Fundamental Enrichment
Simple Shapes
Color Studies
Perspective and Environments
Thumbnails and Silhouettes
Still Life
Hands and Feet
Character Construction

Process Enrichment
Finding Inspiration
Show Your Work

What Do I Gain From Participating?
If I'm at all qualified, I will try to provide crits and support to the people who participate. I hope that people in the thread also engage in a little more cross talk when they are working on the same assignment. I will do my best to not let anyone's work go un-commented upon. I will also try and load the OP with resources for everyone to draw from on the topic at hand.

May I post an old work if it fits into the topic?
You may post work that you are currently working on, or plan to revisit during the month. Don't post old work if you have no intention of touching it. If I spend time commenting on year old work and then you never do anything to it within the activity, I will shun you.

May I post inspiration and links even if I'm not going to really participate?
So long as this aspect doesn't get in the way of people posting work for actual crits, this is a great place to just throw up some art that is related to the topic and you think its helpful. Link the source, and spoiler images so they don't detract from people working on assignments.

May I suggest a topic?
Sure! If a bunch of people have something they want to work on, I'm happy to make that the next assignment. Just try and keep it something that all artists can do (like color studies) and not something that requires materials that are inaccessible to a large percentage of members (like ceramics, or metalwork)

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