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Double Tap is holding a Win-A-Badge Tournamnet This Sunday

DannyfnlanzaDannyfnlanza Registered User regular
Double Tap Bar is a weekly game night held at The Phoenix Landing in Central Square, Cambridge. This event is always free to attend and is perfect for people 18+ who want to hang out, play games, and drink with strangers!

On March 1st we'll be holding a special tournament in Bomberman 64 and the winner will recieve a 3-Day badge to PAX East 2015!

Tournament Entry is $5

Signups start at 6pm

This event is for ages 18+


Why Bomberman?

We wanted a game that was fun and wouldn't scare away more casual gamers. We feel this game puts everyone on an even playing field.

Can I attend the night but not enter the tournament?

Yes, the night is free to attend.

Will there be other games there?

Yes, we'll have a variety of board/card games and video games.

What can I expect if I go there?

Double Tap is still new so our group is still evolving but, we have a good amount of attendees that play board games, the wii u, our emulator PC's, the dreamcast, and a handful of dedicated Magic the Gathering players.

For info and directions:

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