Unusual controller games at PAX (Joust/Steel Batallion, etc...)

DanQDanQ Registered User regular
So I always like the chance to play games with specialized controllers which are not readily available to most people. Is anybody bringing any? I definitely want to find a game of that PS move Joust. Anybody know if Steel Battalion will be back?

I should be bringing a Gameboy Advance and a gamecube link cable for Pacman Vs. I figure others would find it interesting. I'm also curious if anybody has the big button/trivia game controllers for the 360. It's always fun to get like 3 sets together to use with one infra red receiver to play team You Don't Know Jack/Scene It with over a dozen people on one screen. If anybody else wants to bring their set, I'll bring mine and we can try to set that up.

And yes I know rock band and dance central will have stages as always.


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    rtm416rtm416 NYRegistered User regular
    There will be a game of Joust at the Westin Game night tomorrow (tonight) {Thursday}!

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