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Mike and Jerry talked about pins for a couple of minutes during the Penny Arcade Q&A.


The pin talk starts at around 43:35. Here's a transcript of what they said:

Jerry: Are you impressed by the scope of acceptance that Pinny Arcade has received. Any thoughts on the gaming industry outside of Penny Arcade's embrace of pins, specifically Blizzard Entertainment and Capcom who are making their own lines?
Mike: Well first of all, yeah. I'm super excited. Like, it's crazy. The first post I did about Pinny Arcade, I think I said - hey, we're gonna start off with Penny Arcade pins, but in my fantasy version of the future, you would someday be able to go to a PAX and get like a Microsoft pin. And it was like the next year that happened. It just exploded. And so now, absolutely. When I look at all the pins that are out there. Like yesterday, I walked around with Mike and Brian and we were taking the pins to each of the booths
Jerry: Oh the actual boxes?
Mike: Yeah, we would take like "Here are your pins" and we'd take them to Twitch or to Blizzard. And, I opened the box to see what the pins were inside and it was the gold Overwatch pin. I was like, oh my god, I could just reach in and take it right now. But I didn't, I didn't.
Jerry: But that's it. Like, you made the thing up.
Mike: I made it up.
Jerry: You still have dragon sickness.
Mike: I'm still hooked on it, yeah.
Jerry: You still want to make a trove.
Mike: I still do. Yeah. Seeing companies like Blizzard. I mean, being a part of it is awesome. As far as them making their own pins, that's fine too. I think that there's certainly a bonus to being tied into the Pinny Arcade economy, like the trading economy. I guess Blizzard does too, cause they also do Pinny Arcade pins.
Jerry: So what's your favorite pin?
Mike: Oh, my favorite pin?
Jerry: For me, it's super easy. But I'm curious what you think.
Mike: It's actually really hard for me.
Jerry: It's, the best pin, in my opinion, is Ellie from Last of Us, the Naughty Dog pin.
Mike: Really?
Jerry: It's incredible
Mike: It's a good pin
Jerry: But also that's when we learned how to do the silk screening, to print on top of the pin.
Mike: Yeah
Jerry: So it has some cool techniques. But you like Hanna, right?
Mike: I like Hanna, but I think my favorite one is actually the D&D anniversary pin, the ampersand
Jerry: Oh, that's a hot one
Mike: Love that pin
Jerry: That Tiamat is also really good
Mike: Tiamat's good too. Um, yeah, the only one we don't have yet, our white whale is Nintendo. Like, that's our joke on the pin team internally. Like someday we'll have Pokemon pins and then we'll retire, we'll be done.
Jerry: Just drop a pin, I'm out.


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    orthancstoneorthancstone TexasRegistered User regular
    thx42 wrote: »
    Jerry: You still have dragon sickness.

    Don't we all...

    PAX South 2018 - Jan 12-14!
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    BrewtiConBrewtiCon Registered User regular
    Pokemon pins would ruin me... just ruin me. Thanks for the transcript!

    Take a look at my pins
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    Link for the lazy:


    Glad to know they're after Nintendo pins, even if it never happens.

    EDIT: Wait we can embed twitch vids now?

    If the vid doesn't load this is the link:


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    thx42thx42 SeattleRegistered User regular
    There was also a pin mention in the Loading Ready Run panel.

    At 30:19 - twitch.tv/pax2/c/6280124

    James: And before we start with your question, I have a question.
    Graham: Uh oh.
    James: Who has a golden Overwatch pin for trade? Because, it is actually the only pin that I need to complete the whole set. So if there's anybody in this room that has one for trade, I have pins here that I will trade.
    Graham: Not just...
    James: Not just PAX East, all...
    Graham: The whole set?
    James: ...all 239 pins. If there's somebody here willing to trade, come see me afterwards. I will make it happen.

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