Thank you you glorious human beings!!!!

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So getting to PAX this year for me was an ordeal, from driving in the snow, to issues with hotel rooms, to people who were supposed to be in meticulously planned car groups getting left behind for reasons, just to name a few things....
On top of all of the nonsense I lost my walking around money, a bare wad of money amounting to around $200 that I had collected from my group to repay me for tickets and travel things. By evening on the first day, I was in a state.
This morning, on a whim, my friend and I went to lost and found, on the off chance someone returned my money and to our great surprise (after answering a series of questions) someone turned in my money....
So to whoever you are, you amazing honest beautiful person, I am now having the best day and thank you. Everyone with me thanks you, you are a prince, or princess, or warrior or astronaut, or whatever you want, among men. Thank you.
My friend an I bought creepy doll pins in honor of the benevolent stranger who returned my money

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