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Coregrounds looking for beta testers (PVP tower defense game)

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin

Hey guys,

I am looking for beta testers for my game Coregrounds, which is currently in closed beta phase.

Coregrounds is a free-to-play indie PVP tower defense game and the love child of the tower defense and MOBA genres.

  • tower defense gameplay: you build walls and towers, send minions and use abilities - except unlike other PVP tower defense games Coregrounds is played 1v1 on a shared map
  • MOBA-style tactical depth: you pick the towers and minions for each match, adapting to and countering your opponent's picks
  • long-term motivation: leaderboards, ranked mode, achievements, unlocking towers, minions, abilities and more with ingame currency

You can watch a gameplay trailer here:

If you want to play, go here:

I'm looking forward to your feedback! :-)

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  • CG_EchoCG_Echo BerlinRegistered User new member
    Any kind of feedback is appreciated: especially if you think you don't like the game, leave a comment and say why! ;-)

  • CG_EchoCG_Echo BerlinRegistered User new member
    Coregrounds has gotten a huge update recently and I wanted to show you guys the progress I've made:


    With this update, I've added all kinds of cool features to the game. It's now HD, it has colors to choose from, has a mean new AI to play against all day long - and many more little things. It's much more beautiful now, as you can see from the following screenshot showing before and after the update:


    You can see the full changelog here:

    And of course I would be proud to welcome you to the Coregrounds! ;-)

  • CG_EchoCG_Echo BerlinRegistered User new member
    edited July 2015

    I've released a new patch which does not only contain 5 new units and abilities, but also a ton of important bugfixes and balancing changes. I've also added keyboard shortcuts to the game, as requested by several players from the top of the leaderboards... ;-) Thanks to the splendid feedback from the community, the Coregrounds are slowly but steadily evolving and becoming more and more awesome!


    ADDED NEW TOWER FACTORY: FREEZER - The Freezer is a AOE tower that both slows the movement and the attack speed of all enemies hit. The freeze amount is upgradable from 10% to 50%.

    ADDED NEW MINION FACTORY: STUNNER - The Stunner is a moderately tanky minion that has no attack but will trigger an AOE stun on death (much like the tankbomb, just with a stun instead of an explosion).

    ADDED NEW ABILITY: STUN - This ability will stun all enemies in range for 3 seconds.

    ADDED NEW ABILITY: SHIELD - Shields all allies in range, making them invulnerable for 3 seconds.

    ADDED NEW ABILITY: FRENZY - Will increase the attack speed of all allies in range by 100% for 5 seconds.

    You can see the full patch notes here:

    Thanks for reading - and see you on the Coregrounds!

    CG_Echo on
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