Dell U2713hm not detected (connected to Yoga Pro 2 via HDMI-Micro HDMI converter)

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Yes indeed, my Dell monitor works perfectly with my stationary but shows no signs of life when connected to my laptop (running Windows 8.1) as described in the subject header. What happens is that the monitor says "There is no signal coming from your computer" despite my Yoga Pro 2 being told extend/duplicate/second screen only. The monitor is not detected either in "Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution" or when I go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers.

-What is weird is that my monitor does not say "No HDMI cable detected", but it won't receive a signal.
-The monitor is limited to 2560x1440 while my Yoga Pro 2 typically outputs at 3200x1800, but changing the Pro's resolution changes nothing.
-Trying to connect the laptop in the same way to a relatively old HD tv with HDMI ins gives the same "No signal" message.
-Trying to install Dell drivers for the monitor on my laptop just gives me a "please connect the monitor in question first" message.

I am just wondering if anyone knows of a good approach (googling for 30 minutes didn't really lead anywhere) or if there is at least a way for me to figure out if the problem lies with my laptop, the micro HDMI-HDMI converter or something else. My laptop runs Windows 8.1 with the recent updates, I have the latest drivers from Lenovo's website installed.

Thanks for reading, please inform me if you would need some more information.

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    I assume that your laptop outputs over micro-HDMI, and that the monitor's input is normal HDMI.

    The only way to tell for sure, is to make sure that the hdmi out on your laptop works at all (without the adapter), and that the monitor works, also without the adapter.
    If you have something else that outputs on HDMI, like a game console or dvd player or something, try hooking that up to your monitor to see if you get a signal.
    Some phones have a micro-HDMI out, you could try to see if your adapter works with one of those.

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