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GV10 [Results]: Best Marvel or DC Comic: Check Page 3!

DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
edited April 2015 in Graphic Violence
Our next category is Best Marvel or DC Comic.

This category is for your favorite comic published by Marvel or DC in the past ten years. Pretty straightforward. Note: licensed comics aren't eligible for this, they just had a category. This one's probably going to be packed, either way.


1) Nominate as many comics as you want! There's no limit, but this isn't meant to be comprehensive. Nominate the stuff you really like.
2) We're going to go back to needing three nominations again, because there are likely a lot of possible nominees for this and I want to keep it sane.
3) Remember, this is your place to make your case for your favorite comic. Voting will be in a Google form, as usual
4) And: keep it civil. This isn't a place to be shitty to each other.

Alright, and nominations are open...NOW

Put your nominations in BOLD TEXT. You don't need to all caps them, though

DJ Eebs on


  • BalefuegoBalefuego Registered User regular
    Are we specifying specific creative runs? Or if we say "New Avengers" is that just assumed to encompass both Bendis and Hickman's tenures on the book.

  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    edited April 2015
    Let's specify, here. There's a lot more title overlap here. Either go by volume (which would be easiest on me) or by creative team.

    Actually, you know what? Go by volume whenever possible. I don't want to define runs by writer plus the nine artists they worked with.

    DJ Eebs on
  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    Hawkeye, Matt Fraction and David Aja
    This is the one that got me into reading weekly comics. Although the later part of the run has been marred by crazy delays, it's still one of the defining comics of the current era for me. Clint Barton is my spirit animal. I got a tattoo of the damn chest emblem! Something something Pizza Dog! It's good stuff, guys.

    Avengers, Jonathan Hickman
    The other half of the equation. Where Hawkeye represented street level personal storytelling, Avengers is the epitome of grand operatic adventure in current comics. Hickman is fucking crazy.

    Ms. Marvel, G. Willow Wilson
    I don't think I can praise this series in a way that a hundred others haven't done better. It's not only really really good, it's also necessary.

    Batman, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo
    Batman is both really good on its own merits and largely free from the mess that is the rest of the New 52. It also gave us Zero Year, the best Batman story of the last, I don't know, maybe ever?

  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    of course now I've shot myself in the foot because I really liked both iterations of Young Avengers and don't want to vote for two separate runs sooooo

    I'll nominate Runaways Vol. 2 because it's actually eligible and also because it's really fucking good. This is my absolute first choice whenever someone asks me how I should get someone started in reading comics, because it's got a great cast of characters, really unique and stylish art, and it's relatively closed off from most of the shared universe shenanigans that can make it rough for someone to hop right into a new comic, while still incorporating fun nods to existing comics history. It's funny, moving, and it's got a telepathic dinosaur (kind of), an eleven-year old that punched Wolverine through a church.

  • OmnipotentBagelOmnipotentBagel floof Registered User regular
    edited April 2015
    Because I just finished it the other day, and because it's a really great little book that tells a complete story with some legitimate character arcs, I'm throwing a nomination for Uncanny X-Force, Volume 1 by Rick Remender.

    OmnipotentBagel on

  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    I'll second Hawkeye and Hickman's Avengers, btw

  • M-TeeM-Tee Registered User regular
    edited April 2015
    Wednesday Comics
    Strange Tales (v5)

    ...because I love anthologies and out-of-continuity work. I also dig when folks generally outside of the big two get their hands on big-2 property.

    FF (Fraction & Allred)
    Immortal Iron Fist

    M-Tee on
  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    Oh man I will second Immortal Iron Fist

  • Chomp-ChompChomp-Chomp Shonen Princess Registered User regular
    Oh dang this is going to be a ridiculous category.

    Nominating Hickman's Fantastic Four.

    Nominating Morrison's Batman & Robin.

    Nominating Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. (Does this count? Started in 2004 but ran through 2009.)

    Seconding Future Foundation and Immortal Iron Fist!

  • OmnipotentBagelOmnipotentBagel floof Registered User regular
    Oh hey, I'll second Astonishing X-Men.


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited April 2015
    Ultimate Spider Man relaunch 2009-2011, this was essentially Volume 2+

    zerzhul on
  • CorporateLogoCorporateLogo The toilet knows how I feelRegistered User regular
    Seconding Runaways and nominating Iron Fist: Living Weapon

    Do not have a cow, mortal.

  • AtomicTofuAtomicTofu She's a straight-up supervillain, yo Registered User regular
    Seconding Hickman's Fantastic Four, FF, and Avengers, as well as Uncanny X-Force and Runaways

  • MidniteMidnite Registered User regular
    I'll nominate Captain America Vol. 7 by Rick Remender. Castaway in Dimension Z is probably the perfect distillation of Cap as a character, a man out of time who will never surrender or stop fighting for those who can't fight for themselves, and it does it all through the lens of a New Gods-esque story. Steve takes on the role of Mister Miracle, a living embodiment of freedom forced to live in world of pure evil. Zola is Darkseid; absolute, infectious evil. And Zola's children, Jet Black and Ian Rogers are Big Barda and Orion respectfully, a warrior indoctrinated in Zola's twisted religion but able to break through and a child raised to be good who has to struggle with what he really is. Jet even has the same number of letters in her name as Barda and wears versions of both her costumes. The art by JR JR even hits all the right Kirby notes, with it's square jawed characters and costume designs. And Dean White's colors are unbelievably beautiful.

    The rest of the run has Cap fighting against the results of the Weapon Plus program and his legacy as the world's first super-soldier, culminating in the serum being drained from his body and reverting to a ninety year old man. But Cap doesn't lose, gaining a new family and watching as his best friend and partner takes up his shield and ideals.

    I'll also back up the nominations for Ms. Marvel Vol. 2 by G. Willow Wilson, Avengers Vol. 5 and New Avengers Vol. 3 By Jonathan Hickman and Immortal Iron Fist by Matt Fraction

  • TransporterTransporter Registered User regular
    If Astonishing X-Men is eligible I do not see a situation where it dosen't annihilate everything here.

  • StraightziStraightzi Here we may reign secure, and in my choice, To reign is worth ambition though in HellRegistered User regular
    Batman: The Black Mirror is just a single arc

    But it is my favorite Batman comic of all time, so I have to nominate it

  • Disco11Disco11 Registered User regular
    Put me down for Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel on the Marvel side and Batman: Year Zero

    PSN: Canadian_llama
  • AtomicTofuAtomicTofu She's a straight-up supervillain, yo Registered User regular
    Wait wait

    I need to nominate Thor: God of Thunder

    @Grey Ghost should be able to articulate why

  • DelduwathDelduwath Registered User regular
    I suspect that all the obvious things I'd want to nominate will be covered by everyone else, so instead I'll nominate Cable and Deadpool.

    When I was in... I guess it must have been junior high, I saw a Deadpool Marvel Overpower card. I don't know why, but I thought that that costume was the best. I didn't know anything about Deadpool, and all I knew about comics was that the X-Men, Spider-Man, and Batman animated series were all great, but that card just called out to me. I guess I made enough pitiful noises that my classmate (who had this card) gave it to me.

    In 2004, when I was in college, I decided to check out this comics thing for real. I've bought some comics here or there, and I've certainly spent plenty of time just kinda browsing comic book stores, but I never really followed a title regularly, and I was curious to see what it was like. I walked into Forbidden Planet (the New York one, not the London one) full of determination and money, and was kind of surprised to see a Deadpool comic on the shelf. It was one of the first issues of Cable and Deadpool, number 6 if I'm not mistaken. I bought it, and was hooked kind of instantly. I found the issues I missed, and started down the path I'm on now.

    Cable and Deadpool was a pretty remarkable comic, I think. For one thing, it had a good grasp on Deadpool (which I suppose isn't too surprising given that Fabian Nicieza co-created him): mainly, a damaged person, who dreams of being the Good Guy, but has too much baggage and too many negative tendencies to ever really achieve that dream. Most importantly, he wasn't a two-dimensional violent cartoon character, which is how some of the recent comics depicted him as. Cable and Deadpool also presented Cable as a fully-realized character, and made me care about him. I consider this a feat. Most importantly, the comic managed to strike a balanced tone between comedic and serious, over-the-top and genuine, that lasted throughout the series. The "thank you" letter from the creative team to the readers in the final issue of that series made me pretty emotional. I think I may attribute more importance and quality to the series than it deserves just because it's so important to me, personally, but I really think it's a series worth reading.

    I still have that Marvel Overpower card sitting on my shelf with the comics.

  • Devlin_DragonusDevlin_Dragonus Gorgeous Dallas, TXRegistered User regular
    edited April 2015
    i nominate Marvel - Team Up Vol. 3: really liked Freedom Ring and that Skrull Superhero.

    Bring back Freedom Ring!

    Devlin_Dragonus on
    I got nothing for you now. Try again later.

  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    AtomicTofu wrote: »
    Wait wait

    I need to nominate Thor: God of Thunder

    Grey Ghost should be able to articulate why



  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    (I second Thor: God of Thunder)

  • PhillisherePhillishere Registered User regular
    edited April 2015
    Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams Batwoman.

    Phillishere on
  • MatevMatev Cero Miedo Registered User regular
    Thirding Thor

    Seconding Cable and Deadpool

    Also nominating Wolverine and the X-Men , which took it's premise and ran with it in the best ways and gave us some of the greatest new characters (or better versions of established characters)

    Finally, nominating Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis, which has been a great, sprawling run of comics which "got" Spider-Man in a way that the 616 comics seemed to have left behind (For the worse in most occasions) It also was the comic that made me start looking at comics as a hobby I really enjoyed rather than just something my dad passed on to me and I read when I was bored.

    "Go down, kick ass, and set yourselves up as gods, that's our Prime Directive!"
    Hail Hydra
  • OmnipotentBagelOmnipotentBagel floof Registered User regular
    I'll third Cable and Deadpool. What a great way to balance out the sometimes insufferable self-seriousness of Cable. Plus it gave us Bob, Agent of Hydra.


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Thirding Thor: God of Thunder

    Also I need to grab all my overpower cards from my parents house at some point. They would go well with some of my other displayed nerd collections. I also love that Deadpool.

    Also nominating Venom 2011-present (I haven't seen a volume label with it for certain)
    I love this take on the character and generally think the run has been quite good overall.

  • Harry DresdenHarry Dresden Registered User regular
    Hawkeye by Fraction and Aja

    Batgirl by Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr

    Ms Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

    Immortal Iron Fist by Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker

    Daredevil by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark

    Captain America by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

    Nextwave by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen.

  • Dizzy DDizzy D NetherlandsRegistered User regular
    Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's Guardians of the Galaxy (can't believe they haven't been mentioned yet after winning favourite team).

    Steam/Origin: davydizzy
  • UnbrokenEvaUnbrokenEva HIGH ON THE WIRE BUT I WON'T TRIP ITRegistered User regular
    I'm going to surprise exactly no one here, but Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen.

    Here's what some smart person had to say about it in the Character Revival Thread:
    Fearghaill wrote: »
    Journey Into Mystery is the story of a character rebelling against the very medium he exists in. Loki realized that as a villain he'd grown predictable, something unbearable to a god of chaos. He plotted and schemed, as that's what Loki's do, and he arranged for himself to die and be reincarnated, free of his villainous destiny and stale, predictably conniving personality. And it worked! Kid Loki was a good kid, who genuinely wanted to help people. He was still Loki, of course, still a trickster god, so his methods were often sneaky, but he did the best he could.

    But comics are comics, and very few things last forever. Everyone knew from the very start, that no matter how much fun the Adventures of Kid Loki were, sooner or later it had to end, especially with Hiddleston's outstanding portrayal of evil adult Loki towering over the comics. The magic of Journey Into Mystery is that we knew that it couldn't last, but it made us hope anyway, made us believe that maybe this time it would be different, that the change would stick. The hope made it hurt that much more. Comics don't tend to have a lot of unhappy endings - in the end, the good guys win, whatever bad situation had popped up is dealt with, and everything goes back to normal. JIM twisted that back on us, and in doing so delivered an emotional gutpunch that comics can't often accomplish.

    Beyond that, Journey Into Mystery was a comic that should have been terrible, dragged down by event tie-ins. Hell, it even launched as a tie-in to the largely underwhelming Fear Itself, and immediately made it's mark by being the best part of the whole event (aside from maybe the Cyclops plan montage in Uncanny X-Men). It was like that with other events as well. Gillen said at a panel the other weekend that he knew going in to JIM that it would be dragged into events and crossovers for it's whole run and planned accordingly, designing it from the start to mess with the larger stories it got tied in to.

  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    Daredevil by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Seconding Journey Into Mystery by Gillen

  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 (2008-2010)

    Planet Hulk (The Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #92-105) (2006-2007)

    Seconding Nextwave and Uncanny X-Force

    I'd nominate Squirrel Girl, but it's only been three issues.

  • TexiKenTexiKen Dammit! That fish really got me!Registered User regular
    edited April 2015
    nominating Jeff Parker's Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers

    nominating DnA's Nova

    nominating Tomasi's Nightwing

    nominating Tomasi's Green Lantern Corps

    DnA's Guardians of the Galaxy,
    Hickman's Fantastic Four/FF
    Hickman's Avengers

    TexiKen on
  • ElderlycrawfishElderlycrawfish Registered User regular
    I'd like to nominate Secret Warriors, by Johnathan Hickman. The little book that could, it came right out of Secret Invasion with a fantastic hook
    Hail Hydra

    and a great cast that really went through the ringer. That Hickman managed to cram his other project, S.H.I.E.L.D. into it was just mind boggling.

    PSN/Steam - Elderlycrawfish
  • BionicPenguinBionicPenguin Registered User regular
    Nominating Superior Foes of Spider-Man. It's hilarious and a ton of fun.

    How would Agents of Atlas work? It's technically a bunch of different series, but they're all of similar quality and written by Jeff Parker.

  • KyouguKyougu Registered User regular
    Superior Spider-Man

    Slott's early Spider-Man run was pretty fantastic, but Superior is clearly his crowning achievement.

    He took a concept that almost everyone was shitting on and made it work. SpOck was a fascinating character, someone you both rooted to fail and succeed.

  • Garlic BreadGarlic Bread i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a Registered User, Disagreeable regular
    Blue Beetle by John Rogers
    Batgirl by Bryan Q Miller

  • SorceSorce Not ThereRegistered User regular
    edited April 2015
    52 by Rucka, Morrison, Waid, and Johns
    Checkmate by Greg Rucka
    Wonder Woman by Azzarello

    Batgirl by Bryan Q Miller
    Batman & Robin by Morrison and Quietly
    Astonishing X-Men by Whedon and Cassaday

    I'd nominate Cassandra Cain's run as Batgirl too, but most of the good issues were before the cut-off, and most of the bad ones are really fucking bad.

    Sorce on
  • BionicPenguinBionicPenguin Registered User regular
    edited April 2015
    Seconding Brubaker's Captain America (Vol 5, I think), Superior Spider-Man, and Uncanny X-Force Vol 1.

    BionicPenguin on
  • UnbrokenEvaUnbrokenEva HIGH ON THE WIRE BUT I WON'T TRIP ITRegistered User regular
    I'd like to nominate Secret Warriors, by Johnathan Hickman. The little book that could, it came right out of Secret Invasion with a fantastic hook
    Hail Hydra

    and a great cast that really went through the ringer. That Hickman managed to cram his other project, S.H.I.E.L.D. into it was just mind boggling.

    I'm pretty sure that ALL of Hickman's Marvel books are connected and planned that way. He didn't cram S.H.I.E.L.D. into Secret Warriors, it was there all along
    Just like Hydra

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