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Why is PAX Dev 18+?

SkylabSkylab Registered User regular
Hi all. New here. I couldn't find the exact place to put this discussion so I hope this forum is okay.

I'm curious on the reason PAX Dev is 18+? I can make a few assumptions on perhaps creating a professional environment, etc but just curious if there's an official reason. The reason I ask is because my brother is a dev but is 16. While he may not be at the same level of many of the devs there, I feel he could learn a lot from attending PAX Dev. He's eager to take his skills to the next level but needs that boost from an event like this.



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    shadowscoutshadowscout Registered User regular
    to get an official answer you would likely need to email however as well as the assumption about professional environment it may well be a condition set by the Westin for hiring the rooms
    (not sure about the US but I've seen that as a condition before in the UK when booking meeting rooms)

    PAX Dev is advertised for industry professionals and college/university level students so general expectation would be that attendees are going to be over 18

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    SkylabSkylab Registered User regular
    Thanks @shadowscout for the email. Unfortunately, I received somewhat of a rude and robotic response back but I understand the policy. Sounds like they may need to work on their customer service a bit. That'll teach me to question a policy that offers no explanation.

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