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Not A Big Deal

Not A Big Deal

Wait, You Work Here?


Right after I graduated high school, I got a job working at the GameStop by my house. As a young, naive 17 year old this was a dream come true. I’d been in and out of the store pretty frequently before working there, and the manager always seemed to know who I was, which I thought was part of the reason he hired me. Who better than a loyal customer?

I quickly took advantage of the store’s game check out policy, where you could borrow a game for four days, like checking out a library book. When it came time to return the game, no more than three weeks after getting hired, I walked in and handed the manager the game. He took it from me, and asked “Why are you returning it?” Confused, I replied, “It’s been four days?” He then paused a beat, looked at me and said “Oh, do you work here?” This is the same guy who had just interviewed and hired me less than a month before.

My family moved shortly after I got the job to a new house 45 minutes away, but I didn’t quit GameStop ‘cause I wanted the money, even though it was a pain to drive back and forth. One Friday afternoon, I asked if I had any hours scheduled for the following week, to which they told me no. Imagine my surprise when I get a call on Monday asking if I was coming in to work, because it was now 4:15 and I was scheduled to work a shift from 4-6. I told them I wouldn’t be able to get there until 5:00 at the earliest, and reminded them that they had previously told me I was not scheduled this week when I asked. His reply was “So are you going to come in?” I said no.

I never heard from them again. No termination notice, no telling me I’m scheduled to work, nothing. For all I know I’m still listed on staff. It’s not like they know who their employees are.

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    marsiliesmarsilies Registered User regular
    I just want to say I understand the movie Primer.

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    zepherinzepherin Russian warship, go fuck yourself Registered User regular
    marsilies wrote: »
    I just want to say I understand the movie Primer.
    I honestly thought they were talking about
    what you use before you paint... Until this post I didn't know it was a movie.

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    BRASKYthatSOBBRASKYthatSOB Master (of Physics) AlaskaRegistered User regular
    Primer is a phenomenal movie!

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