Round One: Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


In May of 2005, Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. I don't know how much background information I really need to give on Star Wars. You all know Star Wars, right? There's this whole new movie coming out? Anyways.

Your Prompt

Supergirl and Wonder Woman are going to fight in Star Wars using Star Wars stuff. Go nuts! Does Wonder Woman have an invisible X-Wing? Is Comet the Super Horse actually Comet the Super Wookie?

Answer me!




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    Karazor El is an orphan, raised by strangers on a desert planet, who discovers one day that she is the only survivor of the lost planet of Kryptaan and heir to a galactic destiny

    Kryptaan was destroyed by the dreaded Darth Anax, commander of the Eclipse, a moon-sized superweapon feared across the galaxy for its power to slip under every known form of radar and obliterate whole inhabited worlds without an instant's warning. it is said of Darth Anax that anybody who comes within a mile's radius of her loses the ability to lie. it is said of Darth Anax that she has mastered every weapon in the galaxy and found them all wanting. it is said of Darth Anax that she comes from a planet of warrior women who reproduce by parthenogenesis and that no man has ever seen her face. she wears a baroque golden helmet and carries around an infinitely extendible golden cord which she uses to strangle her foes, or her subordinates. this is Darth Anax

    after many adventures Karazor El tracks down Darth Anax aboard the Eclipse and faces her in single combat. they spar for hours as the ship burns around them. finally, using a secret technique taught to her by the reclusive master Klel, who lives in self-enforced isolation in a castle of ice on the arctic planet Metroth, Karazor knocks off Anax' helmet and to her shock discovered that Anax is an older version of her. Anax tearfully confesses that she is Karazor's clone mother, begs redemption and dies in her arms

    Winner: Supergirl

  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator mod
    that's some grade A star wars extended universe nonsense, fantastic work

  • Crimson KingCrimson King Registered User regular
    that's some grade A star wars extended universe nonsense, fantastic work

    thank you geebs

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