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Help with girlfriends friend?

DJamesDJames Registered User new member
So me and this girl have been dating for the past six months. We've been in a relationship before, but we had a break and are now back but more serious this time. She loves to spend time with me, but we never have really had any alone time, per say, because she clings to her best friend. She doesn't like going anywhere with me if her friend isn't there, and partly because of a bad situation she was in with a guy when she was younger. I am a Christian, an would never think to do something wrong to her ever, but it makes me sad that she doesn't trust me. Now this Saturday is a semi formal dance and I asked her to go, but her friend just invited herself along and my girlfriend was totally ok with it! Her friend always complains about being the third wheel, but sonce they spend so much time together I feel like the real third wheel here. So should o talk to her about it? I've spoken before about it but it's a touchy subject and I usually get yelled at by her friend. I don't dislike her friend most of the time, but he gets on my nerves sometimes. It's like she brainwashed my gf into thinking she needs her with her 24/7/365. What do I do??

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