Best/Easiest Way to get Brutal Doom Working?

CreganTurCreganTur Registered User regular
Brutal Doom v20 just dropped recently and I want it. Problem is that I do not currently own any digital versions of Doom II. My googling has revealed that there are a lot of different options and configurations for getting different versions of Doom II to work on modern machines, but it's more information than I care to parse atm.

What is the best version of Doom II to purchase from Steam? I'm running Win 7.

What is the best piece of companion software to use with Doom II to get it running on my machine and ready for Brutal Doom v20?

Thanks in advance for the info.


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    DrakeDrake Edgelord Trash Below the ecliptic plane.Registered User regular
    Get gzdoom and unpack it.

    Drop the wad for Doom or Doom 2 into that folder.

    Put brutalv20.pk3 into the gzdoom directory.

    Drag and drop brutalv20.pk3 onto gzdoom.exe.

    Enjoy! :hydra:

    There are command line switches you can learn later to add to a gzdoom shortcut to get a cleaner setup for it going but that will get you in and playing without having to dick around with shortcuts, batch files or launchers. That stuff can come later.

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