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The 10th Anniversary of the [Killer7].

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Don't make me say it again...


He's a cleaner.

Welcome to the Smith Syndicate.



Killer7 is available on the PS2 and the Gamecube, though Suda51 himself considers the Gamecube version the only true way to experience Killer7, so do consider that.

The game was designed with the Gamecube controller in mind, and also has better visuals and less loading times. Beyond that, if the PS2 is your only means, it's still perfectly doable.


Killer7 was the first Grasshopper Manufacture title to receive complete global release, and is considered the finale of Suda51's 'Kill The Past' saga which began with The Silver Case and continued with Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Take on the role of the world's seven deadliest killers, and step into the mind of an assassin.

Here's some of the main players.
Harman Smith
Garcian. How long has it been.

Garcian Smith
To me it's merely cold, rotting flesh.

Dan Smith
The feeling, it's coming back to me. The joy of killing. Calling me to the ultimate ring!

Kaede Smith
I've changed my makeup. Did you notice?

Con Smith

Coyote Smith
You're fucked.

Mask de Smith
Children are pure. They know who's strongest.

Kevin Smith

In the name of Harman...

Travis Bell
I'll be waiting for you with a grin as wide as the truth.

Kun Lan
The world never changes. All it does is turn.

The master will see you now.

Susie Sumner
Well, hello. (´-`) Looks like it's cloudy today. Which is really too bad. (·_·̖)

(This section may be updated periodically throughout my replay.)
    Shinji Mikami wasn't just partially responsible for Killer7's creation, he was integral.
Killer7 was a game that I designed and checked practically by myself. I originally wasn't going to do it alone, but Mikami wouldn't hear of it. That was ultra-Spartan, but I absolutely had to do it all myself.

I really liked the scenario, but I had to ask someone else to substitute for some of the work. When Mikami read it, he asked,"This isn't your scenario, is it?" When I said, "Ah,I left this to some other staff because of the workload," He replied, "No, it's no good. Please write it all." Then, I supposed, if he really liked it that much, I need to meet his expectations, and wrote every last word and phrase. I don't think I could make a game like that again.

At that point, Mikami entrusted the making of the entire game to me. I think I was probably protected by him(even from Capcom) when the release date was pushed back. He provided an environment that let me create everything I wanted to create. That kind of development is really rare. I haven't had an experience like that since, a project like Killer7 that I practically made with my own hands.

Truly, I feel like Mikami really protected me all the way.

    As one of many subtle throwbacks, Edo McAlister from Flower, Sun, and Rain makes a cameo at the Union Hotel.

    Kevin Smith was not originally a silent character. He even had some voice recording done before he was turned into a mute.
    The man who appears at the end of No More Heroes' bad ending, and prior to the true ending, is widely believed to BE Garcian Smith... since he has the exact same voice and build.

"You gotta be shitting me", indeed.

    There was a comic called 'Devil's Due' created to promote the game.






From the original soundtrack by the inimitable Masafumi Takada:

Rave On

Russian Roulette

White Sugar


Now, let's head back into the ring, little one.


It's past your bedtime.

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