I want to murder my work computer

naporeonnaporeon Registered User regular
I started at a new job fairly recently, and with it came what I thought was a fairly nifty touchscreen laptop, running Windows 8.1.

We have a shared office at a startup incubator, so every time I leave my station, I hit WINDOWS+L, to lock my screen. What I've noticed is that, seemingly randomly, my computer will completely lose a session after the screen is locked for a period of time.

When I say "lose a session", I mean that everything I was doing is lost; when I go to unlock the computer, it looks as it does when I boot up, not when I return to a locked session. It will behave as if I am just booting into Windows -- all the programs and tabs I have open will be gone.

Additionally, the same thing happens WHENEVER I plug in my monitor (which acts as an extension of my desktop, rather than a mirror).
  • Happens at seemingly unpredictable times -- sometimes I can be gone for 20 minutes and be fine, other times it does it after only 5.
  • Happens every single time I plug in or unplug my second monitor.
  • I have turned off sleep and hibernate.
  • I have turned on a screensaver, but set it for a time I rarely reach.
  • In screensaver mode, I have "On resume, display logon screen" UNCHECKED. (I was told this might help.)

What could be causing this, and how do I stop it? I have lost way too much time to this already. GAAAAAH.


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