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PC headphone sound problem - busted case audio jack?

So in the past few weeks I've noticed that the sound from my computer when I use headphones has gotten wonky. In games, it's tinny and high-pitched, like it's missing any bass. If I wiggle the headphone jack around in the 3.5mm headphone jack on the front of my case, it sometimes snaps back to normal, but this doesn't usually help for very long as the cable from my headphones will pull the jack back out of the "sweet spot." In videos such as on YouTube, typically I will hear the background music (if there is one in the video) but no dialogue at all, or I hear it only extremely faintly, too faint to understand what's being said.

There is no problem when outputting audio to my speakers (a Logitech 2.1 set I've had for like 6 years now), which are connected to the motherboard I/O on the back panel. I have tested two different headsets (my Steelseries gaming headset and an old pair of Bose earbuds I had laying around, the only headphones I own) and the problem exists with both.

I am afraid this has to be a hardware problem with the jack on my case front panel, but I am loath to replace my case or even just its front panel over something like this, although since I got my R4 in the fall of 2013 it looks like it should still be under warranty. Before I pursue that though I wanted to consult the wisdom of the forum and make sure there's nothing else I could do to resolve this and that there's no other source of the problem I could have neglected to consider.

My case is a Fractal Define R4. My motherboard is an Asus Z77V-PRO, and I'm not using any kind of additional sound card.


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    I mean there's an outside chance it's the pinouts on the motherboard for the front jack audio. I assume you've re-seated those the cable to the motherboard?

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