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Keeping electronics cool on a cross country move

HeraldSHeraldS Registered User regular
I'm moving from NC to CO in a few days and want to keep all my toys safe. My TV/receiver/consoles are gonna be packaged and transported in my car, which I will be towing behind a rented box truck. It's pretty hot out and I want to ensure that I don't accidentally fry my stuff en route. Right now the plan is to get sun blockers for the windshield/windows and cover the electronics with blankets to avoid their exposure to direct sunlight. Will this be sufficient? Is there anything else I should worry about? To be more specific, I will be transporting a Toshiba HD TV (in original box), Yamaha receiver + speakers (unboxed), PS3 (boxed but not in orginal box), Wii (same as PS3), and a PS4 (in original box).

Thanks in advance!


  • FoomyFoomy Registered User regular
    They'll be fine.

    On the way to the store before it was ever sold to you all of those electronics were packed into steel containers and shipped around the world where they could be exposed to worse conditions then will be in your car.

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  • HeraldSHeraldS Registered User regular
    Works for me. Mods, feel free to close the thread.

  • TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    Yeah, as long as the devices themselves are not in direct sunlight and you're not like, turning them on while they're super hot they'll be fine.

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