XP -Touchscreen Monitor as 2nd Monitor Issues

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Ok, so I've got an old XP machine, that we can't upgrade to 7. (Blame software that we're running that doesn't work in 7 - even in compatibility mode) It's a dual monitor setup, with the a regular screen, keyboard and mouse in one room and a touchscreen 2nd monitor setup in the other room.

Well, the touchscreen that we used to used was an old 15in that used a serial connection. That finally failed, so I installed a new HP touchscreen that uses USB. The problem is that I couldn't get the touchscreen to work, unless it was the primary monitor. And that caused all sorts of problems with the software we're running, and the fact that windows pops up dialog boxes to the primary monitor, which is in the other room and not able to be seen by a person sitting at the keyboard and mouse.

So, what did I miss with the install, since they say that things were working fine before I did the switch?

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