MOTW 7/15/15

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Godzilla in Hell #1

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    Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The sunny beaches of CanadaRegistered User regular
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    edit - ought to do mine. Didn't get much of note this week, but Siege #01 of the Secret Wars Battleworld line was pretty great.
    Siege follows Abigail Brand as a commander on the Shield, a huge wall that protects the nations of Battleworld from armies of horrific monsters (it is of course a pastich of the Wall from Game of Thrones) - in this case the monsters it holds back are not just the seemingly endless undead Marvel Zombies, but also the machine legions of Ultron and the insectile hordes of Annihilus. So, the undead, terminators, and the zerg, basically.

    There are a couple of other Secret Wars titles that deal with events on and beyond the Shield (Infinity Gauntlet, Red Skull, Marvel Zombies, and Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies), but this one is set to be the biggest, with a warning that the Shield will fall in a matter of weeks, as well as a mention of Thanos being involved.

    This could mean it will have ramifications for other Battleworld titles and may even play into the main Secret Wars book itself.

    Golden Yak on
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    Mr.SunshineMr.Sunshine Registered User regular
    No dialogue, just Godzilla taking a stroll in Hell. Shenanigans will be had.

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    IncenjucarIncenjucar VChatter Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I think ol' Zilla is angry that it's in English.

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    ZavianZavian universal peace sounds better than forever war Registered User regular
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    I was actually mad that my LCS didn't get Godzilla In Hell #1. It's a whole issue by Stokoe! He isn't doing the rest of the series though unfortunately. And yeah, Siege is good even though totally the opposite of what I was thinking (i.e., Dark Avengers/Norman Osborn Siege of Asgard)

    Zavian on
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    manjimanji Registered User regular
    my LCS didn't have godzilla either, except for pre-orders :<

    honestly, just put that shit on the shelves, it'll sell itself!

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    vagrant_windsvagrant_winds Overworked Mysterious Eldritch Horror Hunter XX Registered User regular
    I loved Siege.

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