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b0wserb0wser PAX HHL Deputy ManagerRegistered User regular
Got a few questions for you!

1) Are you a demographic that really exists?
2) Do you bring your Sony handheld device to PAX, and if yes, which?
3) What games would you enjoy seeing as tournaments, or which would actually work for tournaments?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be taken into consideration for planning Prime events in the Handheld Lounge!

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  • Bladed CicadaBladed Cicada Registered User regular
    It is so fitting someone with a bowser icon questions the existence of Sony handheld fans. Sony handhelds = the dodo :

  • b0wserb0wser PAX HHL Deputy Manager Registered User regular
    It is so fitting someone with a bowser icon questions the existence of Sony handheld fans. Sony handhelds = the dodo :

    I know they exist, it's just really difficult to plan events for all ten of them to enjoy in Handheld :)

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  • TheAggroCraigTheAggroCraig Ultimate Lucky Douchebag MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    Games that were free on PS+ would likely be solid choices.

    Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (I know this has been a tourney game in the past)
    Killzone Something - I know was recently on PS+, idk how it is or if it would draw a crowd.

    Idk what else to suggest, I guess that shows how much I use my Vita for multiplayer.

    While I love the Vita, multiplayer on it never seemed like a priority unlike Nintendo handhelds.

  • IncreaseBlueIncreaseBlue Registered User regular
    We exist! There are dozens of us, DOZENS! I do bring my Vita with me to PAX since I don't own a DS or 3DS.

    As far as what would be good for tourneys, probably PS All Stars, Sonic Racing (as Aggro mentioned), Killzone Mercenary is actually pretty fun, and Hotshots Golf: World Invitational.

    Multiplayer is a little more open with Freedom Wars or Soul Sacrifice (very similar to Monster Hunter where you can group up).

  • CodextehFishCodextehFish Vancouver, CanadaRegistered User regular
    I love my Vita. It actually gives me a lot more gametime than my 3DS at PAX now :p

    I've never done a handheld tourny though so I am afraid I can't answer the last question :( I'm playing a lot of things like Shovel Knight and Rogue Legacy at the moment and was planning on doing so in the lines and such.

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  • HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    My Vita does an amazing job at allowing me to watch The Walking Dead in HD. I've logged more hours on it with videos and Netflix than I have playing games, but I agree with @TheAggroCraig I never really focus on multiplayer with it.

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  • b0wserb0wser PAX HHL Deputy Manager Registered User regular
    Thanks for the feedback, all!

    We've had success with Sonic All-Stars Racing at previous shows, and will definitely include that one again. We know that Nintendo dominates the market to the tune of 99.5% (at least from my visual assessment at the show), but also want to provide options for including Sony fans even if they're small turnouts.

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  • BrandobarisBrandobaris SeattleRegistered User regular
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    I still play Lumines quite a bit, but mostly my Vita is used for single player Japanese games and Indie games.

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  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    You'd be surprised at the variety of handheld consoles are used during PAX. I've seen everything from an original Gameboy through to the PSPGo. OK I may have lied about the PSPGo, but everything else is represented. Basically, just like everything else at PAX, whatever rocks your boat is fine by everyone else.


  • YoungFreyYoungFrey Registered User regular
    I still bring my PSP most years.

  • oil_52oil_52 Registered User regular
    I've been taking my vita to pax since it first came out. I dont travel without it. I mostly use my vita now for videos, netflix and the ps plus games. killzone multiplayer is awesome. ive spent alot of hours playing killzone online.

  • Uno Ill NinoUno Ill Nino Registered User regular
    I guess I'm late to the party here but I'll throw in:

    -PS All Stars Battle Royale would be a good one for multiplayer. I know Smash fans like to shit all over it but people who actually give it a chance find that its a pretty good time.

    -Wipeout 2048 is good times and super impressive looking.

    -Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 is good times. I've never had a local game of that though. It'd be neat to see somebody do it.

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  • RalatRalat Registered User new member
    Last year I brought my Vita and made 0 friends in lines that also had one with them. haha
    Golden Abyss is my most logged game but KZ Merc is good.

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