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Shellback's Sketchbook



  • ShellbackShellback Registered User regular
    It's been a few hundred minutes since I posted anything. Too many life and health issues. Been doing a lot of D&D stuff lately (plus I drew Rosie Beestinger!)





  • ShellbackShellback Registered User regular
    Trying to get back to my cartoony roots.


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Have you been doing not-cartooning?

    That right foot is a bit weird, and you have some white specs in your solid areas of black around the head. If really enjoyed your last few post, though!

    You seem to have pretty loosely defined light sources in your stuff, which doesn't help you define shapes. If you could lock down on the consistency, you'd get a little more volume in your stuff, which can really offset the way black outlines flatten things.

    This is a good example:

    How is the light from that d20 getting to the back of his wrist? I'd be interested in seeing it tackled with a color scheme that was actually effected by the colored light, as well.

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