Playtest New Boardgames by Local Designers at PAX

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I'm in cahoots with a really cool posse of boardgame designers called Game Designers Clubhouse (GDC). For the first time ever, the GDC will have an official area at PAX in the Olive8 tabletop area. It's awesome that PAX carved out some space for us! This year, we'll be hosting 216 table-hours of game demos with 31 designers and co-designers demoing 24 prototype games.

It's a really cool opportunity for you to say "I tried that boardgame back when it was a prototype." Also, if you playtest a game in the area, you'll receive a raffle ticket for a boardgame raffle that will take place periodically throughout the day.

These are all passion projects from local designers with a dream of seeing their names on published boardgame boxes one day. It's also a really fun and welcoming environment with cool people.

If you have some time to kill, stop by. We'd love to see you there!

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