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Lost and Found - Prime 2015

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
PAX hands over lost and found items to the venues in question, so if you've lost something, make sure to check with the WSCC, the satellite locations, and any of your hotels you may have been staying with, depending on where you think you lost your item.

You can post about your lost/found items here.


  • JohanMcDougalJohanMcDougal Registered User regular
    I know it's a long shot, but I ended up losing my watch at Gameworks on Saturday night. I was a huge derp and took it off while playing Pop'n Music/Drummania, but it apparently fell out of my pocket at some point. Checked lost and found a few times, checked under/behind the cabinets, but nothing.

    I noticed it was missing while walking back to the con, so it must have fallen out at Gameworks (In the music game nook) or the half block that I walked outside.

    Anyway, it's probably run out of batteries by now, but it looks like this:
    and it had this goldeneye watchface on it:

    In the unlikely event that you've found anything (Or know someone who did!) please let me know. I'm still feeling like a total idiot about it. :(

    Thanks all for looking!

  • MartyloeMartyloe Registered User new member
    Hi, I was at PAX prime on Monday and lost my Oregon driver's license. Not sure who or where to reach out. Please help me out.

    Name on license: Martin Loewenthal

  • RandomBunRandomBun Registered User new member

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this. Is there a Post-PAX lost & found I can visit or contact? I lost my car key on Saturday but couldn't go back to PAX to check the info booth because I didn't have Sunday/Monday passes. Is there someone someplace I can contact for help?

    I might have dropped it at the Wyvern Theatre, the main Theatre, or the Sasquatch Theatre. I did contact Westin and Sheraton but is there a PAX general contact for this?

    Any help would be much appreciated,

  • LetMeInLetMeIn Registered User regular
    I think I'm starting a tradition of leaving one thing behind at pax. This year I left my 5th Ed. D&D players handbook behind and I didn't notice it missing till I was packing late last night. I'm not sure if I left it when I played D&D at the Olive 8 or at one of the many spots I choice to adjust bags and backpack(westin 4th floor near autograph room,annex at those magic tables, or somewhere in near either of the merch booths). It doesn't cause that much to replace I just wish I could remember if I had anything in it and if it is found then would be slightly cheaper for the cost of shipping

  • PidermansVestPidermansVest Registered User regular
    Did anyone happen to pick up a signed copy of the Deus Ex Human Revolution artbook (it's the size of the Collector’s/Augmented Edition game case and is yellow/black and has 3 signatures). I brought it to the Deus Ex panel and I have no idea what happened to it - maybe it got left on the table with the signers or someone picked it up by accident?

  • olanmillsolanmills Registered User regular
    It's a longshot, but I lost my 2015 Club PA pin on Saturday. Maybe it's stuck to the bottom of your shoe!

  • ScunosiScunosi WashingtonRegistered User regular
    I believe I left my vinyl record cover for The Protomen's The Cover Up in my room at The Westin. I called them to check for it the evening after we checked out earlier that day, and a few days later at their suggestion with no luck either time. The odds of anyone having picked it up out of my own room are essentially 0, but if anyone has found it or happens to have a spare they could send my way I'd appreciate it. It went unsigned as we left before their concert at El Corazon so it's just a stock cover with all the original extra papers inside. The record itself we kept at home luckily.

  • ngovednikngovednik Registered User new member
    So my family and I were there all weekend. Sunday night at some point, we have lost the think geek backpack with the first edition exploding kittens that we got signed by the oatmeal guys at their booth as well as some pinny arcade pins that were for my niece.

    My wife seems to think it was lost on the train, but I can't remember having it even then. Probably because at some point that night my niece fell asleep and I was carrying her after that back to the train and hotel.

    Sound transit doesn't have it and I'm sure this is a long shot, but would be great to surprise her with having found it after all this time.

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