Well, there go my pins

QumadenQumaden World's Mightiest MortalRegistered User regular
Hi folks, Q again.

I predicted that this would likely be the PAX that ended my 100% completionist mentality. Oddly enough, I had all the pins collected by Friday except Kris Straub's, Portal, and Behemoth because I was waiting to trade for them (I got impatient and just bought them sadly).

So I did it! I stayed at 100%...until the airline lost my luggage. So now the only pins I have left are the ones under glass. Lost all my convention swag too :( I filed a claim with the airline(Alaska), but since it was a non-stop flight, I think it's more likely it got stolen. All my pins, all my pokemon, all my PAX Prime swag, the comics and playmats I got signed, my travel stool...all of it.

I just hope they enjoy my dirty under clothes.


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