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Art News and Inspiration!

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I've always wanted a thread around for dumping links to art blogs and art news. Paying attention to the art world in a broad sense isn't necessarily essential for doing good work, but I think having an ear out for things that aren't just in your corner of the industry is a good thing. It used to be the only "Art News" I knew about was ImagineFX and Juxtapoz, But the landscape has really changed with big sites tumblrs filling in the gap to give us different view points.

A few notes:
-Kickstarter links have a blanket ban on the forum, so don't link them.
-All tumblrs should be considered NSFW But you should not if one has a particular amount of nudity or whatever. Don't link to porn blogs, and if you are in doubt, ask
-Exhausting "is this art" conversations aren't really the point, share and be merry. Discussion is always allowed, but if you just haaate some media and someone posts it, relax bro.

Where Should I Look for News and Inspiration?
Links for you to get started

James Gurney's blog is pretty great. Lots of posts that prod the intricacies of painting and the archaic bits in field of picture making.
Muddy Colors is a blog with a lot of contributors that deals with the illustration industry and the process of illustration.

Comics and animation:
Comics, interviews, reviews
Frank runs a blog that has a lot of interesting stuff on it. His taste is very apparent, a lot of rough handmade stuff, very formalistic. He has a lot of opinions too.
Good interviews, mostly alt, indie and underground comics

Contemporary, Gallery focused blogs:

Inspiration Blogs
Today's Inspiration focuses on digging up and posting things from the mid-20th century "the Golden Age of Illustration". A lot of old and interesting magazine and book cover illustrations.
Illustration Art "Celebrating great art in humble places: the glorious talents of artists who illustrate stories, advertisements and comics." Another blog that deals in a lot of old timey art. It has a more comic content than Today's Inspiration.

Directories and Wikis

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