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Automata Movie - Soundtrack

The.ChirurgeonThe.Chirurgeon Registered User new member
So the Automata kickstarter was very successful and is now backed. We've been given a glimpse of how things will look via test shots of a CGI Carl and the knowledge that they've got the Boardwalk Empire costumes at their disposal.

What we don't know is how it will sound. There are two aspects here. The first is Clickwise and it's dialect. While the community has been having a bit of fun deciphering the printed version, I'm curious as to how it will play out 'spoken'. I don't think it'll be something we, as viewers, could decipher considering the speed at which a conversion is demonstrated to occur. I imagine it would almost sound like static to human ears.

The other aspect, the one that interests me most in terms of the concept moving from comic to motion is the soundtrack. I've got three general directions in mind for what the score will soundlike, with an example of each.

There are a few ways this can go, the most obvious being period music. From the look of The Claptraps it'll be some derivative of jazz and lounge music. Given the twist that this world contains the Automata, a more contemporary take on these genres is more fitting. For example, Barry Adamson, whose debut solo album was the soundtrack to a fiction film noir set in his hometown of Mossside. He's done a fair bit of soundtrack work, most notably is his contributions to David Lynch's 'Lost Highway'.

Another direction or possible inclusion, given the sci-fi elements is technoir, generally attributed to Gesaffelstein. Darker tones and a deep sense of industry lend to a world where the inorganic sentients are central figures in the story.

The last aural musing I think would work in this piece is drone genre. It suits a bustling metropolis populated by artificial entities. I imagine a gathering of automata would have baseline electric hum under the chatter of Clickwise. Fabio Orsi is takes background recordings of various environments and adds layers of sound. Better for ambiance than action.

What are others hoping to hear from a live action version of Automata?

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