Anyone else driving to the US to pick up their passes?

shepdshepd Registered User regular
$27 is insane for shipping costs to Canada! I decided to save money and have mine shipped to a kinek point. Even after gas + toll + kinek pickup fee, I'm saving money.

Last time I shipped an envelope *same-day* (as in 6 hour service) to the US I paid $30 CDN. Typical shipping times for previous paxes have been 2-3 days, for which I pay $23 CDN ($10 less if no signature is requied).

Could the PAX organizers consider how they might improve on that fee? I should not be able to save money driving 2 hours each way to pick up my passes! :sad:

For other Canadians out there dealing with this, kinek (or any other similar service) is a good way to go. Or there's always will call, though I prefer passes in hand. :). Might want to call first to make sure the service won't get rid of an envelope size "package"!


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    DanQDanQ Registered User regular
    It's probably a lot easier to do one flat international cost instead of charging closer to actual cost and having a different one for each country.

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    Chuck Liddell FanChuck Liddell Fan Registered User regular
    I hear ya man, almost wondering if using Willcall is an option as not overly keen on getting stuck with a $27 fee (which turns out to be even more come exchange time)

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    KeroanKeroan Chicago, IllinoisRegistered User regular
    edited September 2015
    I would just pick the will call option when you check out next time. I've done that three times with my canadian boyfriend and the day before pax we just stand in line for about 10 minutes and pick them up no sweat. No shipping costs, no driving, and lots of socializing opportunity with people in line ;)

    If you pick them up the day of, usually there isn't any line at all if you get there a little after 10am. Easy peasy.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    For every previous pax, will call was an option for non us residents. Was it not for this pax?

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    CodextehFishCodextehFish Vancouver, CanadaRegistered User regular
    It is an option. I used it.

    Did will call for prime this year and never going back. Not having to stress about ticket delivery is best.

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    LazorzLazorz Tokyo, JPRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I would just choose Will Call and pick it up on the Thursday before PAX.

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    MyaSharonaMyaSharona Registered User regular
    When I started going to Pax (East) I was in Ontario and after paying the absurd shipping the first year, I then got my badge shipped to someone in the US who I was going to Pax with.
    Having said that, now that I am in Texas I found that badges last year shipped ridiculously close to the event. I think badges hit our mailbox on the Saturday or Monday before we drove to San Antonio on the Wednesday. At least international shipping arrived with time to spare.

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    shepdshepd Registered User regular
    zerzhul wrote: »
    For every previous pax, will call was an option for non us residents. Was it not for this pax?

    Yup, it was available. I had a very bad experience the one time I used will call (nothing that was PAX's fault, more my idiot friend's fault) so I strongly prefer to have passes in hand.

    I remember a couple of PAXes ago Canadians had a more moderate shipping option that didn't feel so gougy. I wish that were still available. Considering the vast majority of international PAX-goers are coming from Canada, and that PAX has done it before, it'd just be nice to see the option come back. :)

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