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Help me find scary movies!

BlackjackBlackjack Registered User regular
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The last time I asked, you all did really well. And, well, October is coming, which means I need to start planning my annual horror movie fest. I've been thinking of doing rewatches of movies I have already seen, and as soon as I thought of that, I realized I don't remember the names of...basically anything. So, help?

Movie the first: A slasher type about a group of people that go on a gameshow where they are released into a maze with a bunch of stereotypical slasher killers. I remember one of them was a crazy over-the-top preacher. (Slashers)

Movie the second: Another slasher type about a gameshow. All I remember about this one is the gameshow was fake and just an excuse for the dude to kill a bunch of people. I will think on it and try to report back with more information. (Probably either The Task or Are You Scared)

Movie the third: A ghost story kinda deal, though also with slasher elements (I think maybe the killer was a ghost? Which is why I'm thinking it was a ghost story), where when people are killed everyone forgets they ever existed except for the final girl. (Forget Me Not)

Movie the fourth: ALSO a slasher type (I like them okay) where a dude tells a girl a story about her sister's surprise birthday party and how everyone there was killed horribly, to make her feel better about missing the party. When the girl does show up, SURPRISE, everyone had been killed horribly just the way they were in the story.

From what I remember, these are all fairly recent movies. Probably no earlier than 1999 or 2000 but, well, see that link for why that may not be accurate.

Aha! Google rescued me with the first one thanks to no joke a list of five gameshow themed slasher movies. It is Slashers. The second one is not My Little Eye, Series 7: The Contenders, Wrong Turn 2, or Video Violence


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  • darkmayodarkmayo Registered User regular
    I watch a bunch of horror movies but I don't really dip into the slasher genre very often so none of these ring a bell.

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  • number13number13 Registered User regular
    Second movie: The Task or Are You Scared?

    Third movie: Forget Me Not?

  • BlackjackBlackjack Registered User regular
    Second: ...yes, probably one of those. I'm honestly not sure which I was remembering, as they both sound really familiar from what I can remember. I thought it was The Task because I remember there being a brother/sister pair in the film, but it seems like Are You Scared has one, too.

    Third: Yes! I watched it on Netflix back in the day, and the cover is definitely to the movie I remembered.

    Thank you!


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  • WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
    Blackjack wrote: »

    Aha! Google rescued me with the first one thanks to no joke a list of five gameshow themed slasher movies.

    You should just watch this list ( you should also share this list)

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  • HazYuHazYu Registered User new member
    I am also a fan of horror movies and would like to get some suggestions on of the best horror movies of all times.

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