The G&T Spooktacular 2015: The More the Scarier

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Do you feel it? The air grows colder with each passing day, and those long summer days have become fleeting fall evenings.

Every year new releases appear to give us frights, and this year is no exception.

SOMA is a game from Frictional that gives you a bit of sci-fi horror for those in the mood. It's actually hard to get description of the game's plot or mechanical hook, but feel free to take the plunge into the unknown.

Having released FOUR games in a year, two of which came out just this year, this overnight sensation has been...productive. Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is a sequel, taking place in the future where you are guarding a Freddy-themed tourist attraction. The owners, however, have just found a working animatronic, and that's where your troubles begin. While there's only one mechanized monster to deal with now, apparitions from the past are there to torment you with jump scares and messing with your equipment necessary to track the metal menace.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 switches up things by taking you out of the guard business and putting you in the significantly more vulnerable shoes of a child. It's late at night, and strange creatures are lurking about the house. Similar to the other games, you have to juggle multiple tasks to ensure nothing gets in your bedroom, such as checking your closet for Foxy. Reportedly there's DLC coming near or on October 31st, so if even four whole games in a year isn't enough for you, there's a bit more Freddy coming your way.

Rebirth narrowly missed a Halloween release last year, but the Afterbirth expansion will make up for that with the appropriate October 30th release date. It aims to adds hundreds of new items to the game, along with a new gameplay mode, daily runs, and a load of new challenge runs. While not "scary" in the sense of a horror game, it certainly has an grotesque atmosphere in fitting with the season.

New releases are all well and good, but there are plenty of old scares to go back to and play. Best of all, many of these are fairly cheap or prone to go on sale during the spooky season.

A cult classic with plenty of fans, Clock Tower actually started on the SNES of all places, featuring a girl being pursued by a boy prone to running with scissors. While the series hasn't always been gold (Clock Tower 2...) it's a
tense horror/puzzle game on account of the protagonist's inability to defend herself. If you dig Amnesia then you may enjoy a stay at the clock tower.

Illbleed is weird as fuck, being presented as kind of a B grade game show in which level are equally B grade movies...all while the game itself is kinda B grade as well? It doesn't take itself too seriously, kinda like if Earthbound was a gory adult horror game, and it has some interesting mechanics and just clicks as a really good (and strange) Halloween time. Check out the Happy Video Game Nerd's review for more details, or just ask any Dreamcast nerd if you have a few free hours to kill.

Rule of Rose is a horror game in which you play as the world's best dog and strive to be the best goddamn dog you can be. This is interrupted by dealing with your owner's inane bullcrap, but trust me when I say that this is the best horror game to star a canine. Warning: has too many roses, and not enough treats.

Maybe you're not in the mood for a game? That's cool: why suffer the stress of scares when there are countless streamers willing to do that stuff for a sub?

While the AVGN has slowed down in years thanks to his movie and other priorities, he still always manages to put out at least one Halloween episode a year. And there's several years worth of older episodes, so go and relive some of those Halloween memories.

Once upon a time Derek Alexander made a parody series of the AVGN titled the Happy Video Game nerds, which was basically reviews that heaped praise upon deserving titles. However, in 2014 the HVGN reviews came to an end, and Stop Skeletons From Fighting arose in its place to offer more general reviews. You can check out the archive for all of the HVGN's Halloween reviews, and Derek looks to be continuing the tradition with new ones this month!



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    This is generally the most terrifying game I play this month. It's a 2D indie arcade game about fiddling with a dying flashlight in the dark. You're trying to survive by managing the uncertain positions of monsters in the darkness. Set up early warnings in the form of carefully placed nightlights and strings of Christmas lights, and then hate your careful light placement as monsters evade your vision.

    You can get it here and it looks like this

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    Soma isn't as scary as you'd think. It does have its moments, and the overall atmospher can be a little tense so it still works as a Halloween game. The story is pretty fantastic too. Like, really good. Definitely givr it a whirl if you want to play something awesome for this spooky time of year.

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