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[Camp Comic] Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - Odd Man Out

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited October 2015 in Camp Weedonwantcha

image[Camp Comic] Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out

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Unknown User on


  • Mr FishMr Fish Registered User regular
    edited October 2015
    is that Steve and Steven still out in that lake??? hahahahaha

    One of the dots on the boat is even slightly larger than the other dot. Oh man that's perfect! :D

    Mr Fish on
  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    Come play with us, Malachi. Forever… and ever… and ever.

  • kram1032kram1032 Registered User regular
    You shouldn't have done that, Briguy.

  • DublinDublin Registered User regular
    You can tell someone is pissed when their eyebrows are almost vertical. Priceless!

  • TrueLinkTrueLink Registered User regular
    Well that hardly seems fair.

  • FlaxSeedFlaxSeed Registered User regular
    I was about to post about the lake, but Mr. Fish was faster. At any rate...


    Great strip

  • TibxeroTibxero Registered User regular
    Katie....did you......did you know me growing up? Seriously, this one hit WAY to close to home.

    brb therapy.....again

  • SynDuoSynDuo John A. Galvan Somewhere over a rainbowRegistered User regular
    Everyone is getting names <3 This is great, and hooray all my favorite campers in the last panel. :)

  • metfanscmetfansc Registered User regular
    I don't know why they didn't just ask the cat to join as well. Very interesting.

    Great strip, thanks for pointing out the Kiyak in the lake, I might have seen it when I did my pass for the cat, but that is just an awesome detail.

  • SynDuoSynDuo John A. Galvan Somewhere over a rainbowRegistered User regular
    edited October 2015
    I just noticed, Brian is smiling. Look at how much fun everyone is having without Malachi :P

    (Oh no, the Steves!)

    SynDuo on
  • ZealousChristian24ZealousChristian24 Registered User regular
    Well, at least Malachi is trying to be nice!

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    Those two girls are in serious need of a haircut.

  • june32ndjune32nd Registered User new member
    IDK man, I'd never think of splitting the demon twins ever since they show some dark magic know-how.

  • AmishElvisAmishElvis Registered User regular
    I like how Brian was trying to catch a cone instead of throwing one. It makes sense that he would pick the non-violent approach to tagging someone out.

  • plato360plato360 Registered User regular
    1. It looks like Brian is trying to save Seventeen from getting hit by the cone
    2. That's one heck of a curve on that pine cone
    3. Are the twins levitating a pine cone?
    4. Kitty thinks it's not fair to separate the twins as well

  • FireballDragonFireballDragon Registered User regular
    This joke is especially funny to me, as I'm a twin myself. XD

  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Do we ever see their right eye?

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    omg during my kittie search I noticed you can still see the boat stranded out in the middle of the lake XD

    Awesome touch *doffs my cap*

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    Nice to see that Malachi is making friends with the free-range children.

  • Laika ClementineLaika Clementine Registered User regular
    I love the Twins' character design....they look so much like one of my IRL friends.

  • GraemGraem Registered User regular
    Yup. Happened to me as a kid, too.

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